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How Technology Is Reshaping The Real Estate Industry

Technology is continually revolutionizing the work of a real estate broker, ultimately changing the face of the industry as well.

Ways Real Estate Brokers Can Stay at the Top of their...

It’s integral in any profession that one never stops learning in their craft and never stops searching for ways to expand knowledge.

Weekly Picks: What P10 Million and Up Homes in Legaspi Village...

Take a peek at these properties in Legaspi Village and what makes them stand out.

Digital Practices Enable Brokers to Close More Deals

With industries quickly adapting to the change of pace brought about by digital tools, brokers are expected to make sure they aren’t left behind.

Property of the Month: A Tranquil Residence in an Upscale Neighborhood

This home in Rockwell, Makati permits undistracted unwinding after a long day, an accurate reflection of living in the upscale neighborhood.

Weekly Picks: Stunning Living Rooms to Awaken the Creative in You

Check out these living rooms and take note of how they each showcase personality.

Things to Prioritize when Moving In to a New Rental Home

By knowing the right steps to begin with, you ensure a steady move in with all the essentials covered.

Four Attributes of Successful Real Estate Brokers

Whatever specific measure of success is set in a broker’s mind, achieving it requires a strong set of positive habits.

Three Advantages of Living in Filinvest City

More than its upscale lifestyle, it’s the accessibility to a laid-back atmosphere that’s compelling people to make the big move to Filinvest City. 

Weekly Picks: Must-Have Living Room Pieces to Elevate Style

Every piece that is placed in the living room defines the space and will reflect in the atmosphere that emanates from it.


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