Design and Architecture

Design and Architecture

Get to know the latest trends in home design and architecture through our blog posts. Learn how to maximize the space inside your condo unit or house with various easy to do tricks. Learn how to beautify your home by checking out our renovation tips and recommended home furnishings.

10 Best-Styled Celebrity Homes in the Philippines

We featured 10 beautiful homes owned by some of today’s most in-demand tv personalities.

21 Impressive Home Office Design Ideas

A home office should encourage you to be more fruitful and sometimes the way it looks does the trick. Here are 21 home office design ideas.

Ladies Lair: 8 Chic Condo Design Ideas for Independent Women

You'll be surprised how a plain compact condo apartment can turn to a super fab and functional home with a little creativity. All the following designs fit a 24 square meter apartment.

Perfect Pairings: 8 Superb Home Design Ideas for Couples

Inspired by pairs, each of the 24-square meter condominiums reflects the passion and activities of duos - from dormmates to newlyweds!

Man Caves: 8 Bachelor Pad Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Every man needs his own private space. Here are 8 design ideas for a cozy man cave.

The Synergy of Architecture and Green Life

Derek Lotts of shares some of the most stunning examples of perfect synergy of architecture and green life in the world.

10 Schools in the Philippines with Stunning Architectural Structures

Check these 10 schools that will make you go "Wow!" No. 4 will make your jaw drop!

Iglesia Ni Cristo: A Glimpse into a 100 year-old Distinct Architecture

As Iglesia Ni Cristo celebrates its 101th anniversary, get to know the architectural evolution of their church and what it represents.

100 Backyard Designs to Enjoy the Rainy Season

The wet season is never a reason not to create a backyard that stands out. Here are 100 design suggestions to enjoy during the rainy days.

Types of Houses in the Philippines

Houses come in different shapes and sizes. Find out about the common types of houses in the Philippines.
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