8 Cheap and Easy DIY Christmas Decorations


Christmas is upon us! If you’re a holiday fanatic, chances are you’ve already set up the Christmas tree in your home, hung sparkling, colorful lights outdoors and made more room for all your Christmas ornaments. In short, you’re all geared up for Christmas.

Since you’re in such a jolly mood, why not try to make Christmas decors of your own. It’s easy, fun and cheap.

Here are 8 cheap and easy D-I-Y Christmas decorations everyone will surely love:

  1. Life-size gingerbread man door

  Instantly grab your guests’ attention and admiration with a life-size gingerbread man welcoming them at the door. You can even put it in your office.

  What you’ll need: Art paper, scissor, glue

  How to: Make a cut out of the gingerbread man’s parts separately and glue them to your door.

Source: www.pinterest.com
  1. Bow wreath

  Achieve the holiday spirit with one of the most popular decorations during the Christmas season.

  What you’ll need: styrofoam wreath, cheap bows, glue

  How to: Simply hot glue bows of various colors to a styrofoam wreath. The best part is it only takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Source: www.sensationalstatements.wordpress.com
  1. Holiday doormat

Don’t settle for the usual reindeer or Santa Claus door mat to welcome your holiday guests. Try geometric pine cones instead.

What you’ll need: bristly doormat, paint brush and acrylic craft paint in your color of choice

How to: Cover the mat with spray paint (base color) then use acrylic paint for the second layer. You can free-handed the triangles and vary the height and width but you could also measure things out for a sharper design.

Source: www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com
  1. Candy cane vase

An imaginative alternative to your dull vase.

What you’ll need: glue gun, an empty can and a box of candy canes

How to: Glue the candy canes to the can, tie with a red ribbon, and fill with artificial (or real) poinsettias.

Source: www.livingwellspendingless.com
  1. Galaxy ornament

If you’re a fan of glass ornaments, this will surely make you giddy.

What you’ll need: clear ornament, clear floor wax and fashion glitters

How to: Get a clear ornament, add clear floor wax inside, pour in glitter of your choice and shake.

Source: www.theswelldesigner.com
  1. Snowman ornament

The mere sight of this cute creature adds cheer to the holiday season.

What you’ll need:  black, white and orange acrylic paint, a paintbrush, baby food jar and ribbon

How to: Paint your jar and decorate with the cutest snowman face you can imagine. Add a ribbon to hang your ornament.

Source: www. crazylittleprojects.com
  1. Pillows that look like Christmas presents

Update your throw pillow with a festive look.

What you’ll need: holiday colored ribbons

How to: Simply tie a bow around your throw pillows with holiday-colored ribbons and they’ll look just like Christmas gifts. You can actually give them as presents to your friends and family.

Source: www.pinterest.com
  1. Glammed up glasses

Now your precious bowls and long stemmed glasses have another use other than food and refreshment depots.

What you’ll need: glass bowls or long stemmed glasses

How to: Put an assortment of holiday candies in the glass bowls or long stemmed glasses. You can also hang candy canes on the side for that added yummy appeal.

Source: www.rd.com

Christmas is a season we like to savor each step of the way. What better way of spreading the Christmas cheer and setting a good example to our fellowmen by making Christmas decors that are not only cheap but fun to make as well. By the way, it’s a blast if you  get your friends and loved ones involved in making these adorable decors.