An Insight Into Coworking Spaces In Manila


Coworking in the Philippines offers a little bit of the old and the new. The old spaces offer businesses a variety of amenities included with various types of workstations. And while the setup is similar to previous versions of coworking, emphasis on community and networking are still a large part of the coworking space. At the same time, though, updated versions of the concept are catering to new populations with a variety of needs.

In Manila, the coworking scene continues to grow as the demand for office space increases and people begin to realize the value of coworking. Spaces that focus on the collaboration, spaces that cater to temporary workers, and spaces that do more than just offer office amenities are beginning to shape the coworking space in Manila. As space managers realize you can customize an office to meet particular needs, the city is seeing diversity in the types of spaces that are cropping up.    

Let’s take a closer look at all the ins and outs of coworking spaces in Manila.

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Of the newer types of spaces cropping up, ones that cater to businesses who want to collaborate with other people are increasingly becoming popular. These spaces are usually operated and frequented by innovators who have some experience in starting or running businesses with an entrepreneurial mindset. In this particular scenario, the collaboration, which has always been a staple of the coworking space, is center stage to helping businesses establish themselves in Manila. In essence, these spaces get straight to the business of supporting industry and professionals who want to branch out and create innovation with other businesses.


While always featured as a part of the virtual office, amenities that help businesses with the administrative tasks of registering a business and operating one in the country are also increasingly becoming a part of the coworking space. Whether it concerns getting legal advice, incorporating your work, trademark issues, these spaces have support staff that can help businesses with the more difficult administrative parts of establishing itself in the country. For business owners that are not familiar with legal and government regulations regarding  ownership, this support can be invaluable and can reduce the amount of time (and energy) spent seeking the appropriate licences.

Digital Nomads

Travelling the world with only an internet connection and a device can be an adventure, especially when every destination promises a new diversity. Digital nomads will be  surprised to find this newer crop of coworking spaces can accommodate their needs as well. With a few spaces focused on this particular group, these coworking professionals can hang out, work, and brainstorm while enjoying an atmosphere that caters to the needs of this group of professionals.

Corporate Interests

The coworking space is no longer resigned to the realm of start-ups and SMEs, as larger corporations are beginning to see the value of the concept. One source reports that an overwhelming number of professionals who are in coworking spaces work for corporations. Not that this segment of the industry is overtaking the world, but there are certain features of the coworking space that are attractive to corporate interests, namely cooperative work and the whole concept of collaboration.

Coworking Manila

This office style continues to evolve in the same way that most businesses do. Right now, much of the evolution involves incorporating more of the lifestyle balance into the coworking spaces. The overall concept of this space remains true to its original mission, but newer coworking spaces are transitioning to prepare for the next crop of professionals soon to appear on the horizon.  

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Author Bio: Alexandra Richards is a business consultant, located in Metro Manila. She takes a keen interest in business structures and work culture. Recently she has taken a particular interest in the benefit of having coworking space in Manila to attract clients in Philippines.