Featured Articles

Featured Articles

Get in-depth stories of human-interest through the Hoppler blog as we share motivating features related to the exciting business of real estate. Learn from fascinating accounts about real estate which will not merely enrich you financially but more than anything, teach you lessons about society and life. We value your ideas, feel free to suggest topics for featured articles regarding real estate or you are also welcome to be our guest blogger!

Top 9 Industries in the Philippines

The Philippines continues to be a lucrative market thanks to the strong performance of these 9 industries.

Top Architectural Firms and Companies in The Philippines

Get to know the top architectural firms and companies in the Philippines, their notable projects and what makes them a cut above the rest.

18 Popular Co-Working Spaces in Metro Manila

If it is a plus, these must-try co-working spaces typically offer free-flowing coffee.

10 Historical Places in Manila

Manila is known for its culture and heritage. It is home to many of the country's historical places. Discover some of these tourist spots.

Top Interior Design Schools in the Philppines

Find out why these interior design schools in the Philippines are top-notch.

How to Get There: Ortigas Center

Go to Ortigas Center with ease. Check out this guide on how to go the CBD without getting lost.

13 New Alternative Transportation Apps for Commuters in Metro Manila

Aside from Uber, here are the most reliable and upcoming transportation apps and delivery services you can choose from if you're in Metro Manila.

List of Evacuation Centers in Case of a Mega-Quake

MMDA identified the evacuation centers in Metro Manila and safety precautions in case of a 7.2 mega-quake. Read here to see the full list.

12 Remarkable Christmas Party Venues

Finding the right venue for your Christmas party is absolutely important. We want to make things easy for you!

7 Places to Buy Christmas Decorations in the Metro

If you have not yet started decorating your home, we suggest you visit these 7 places and start now. No. 7 is always full of people!

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Green Meadows, Quezon City

₱160,000,000 5 Beds 7Bath 800 sqm

Tandang Sora, Quezon City

₱11,862,000 5 Beds 5Bath 197.7 sqm

Prosperity Heights, Tandang Sora, Quezon City

₱6,996,326 2 Beds 2Bath 54 sqm

New Manila, Quezon City

₱26,500,000 3 Beds 6Bath 270 sqm