Home Color Trends for 2015


Homeowners have consistently varying choices when it comes to renovating their houses or condominium units. As 2014 ends, interior designers and home interior enthusiasts are excited to experiment for the upcoming color trends for homes next year. Of course, color coordination is still the priority when it comes to choosing the right shades for your crib.

According to Pantone, a company famous for their color matching system being used in a range of industries, marsala is the color for 2015. Marsala is a robust and earthy wine red color; it is a new version of classic burgundy with a hint of brown and plum. According to the company, marsala is versatile for it is both appealing to men and women.

The Color of 2015 – Marsala Source: pinterest.com

Nonetheless, you do not need to limit your options to the color of the year. Home stylists came up with the latest trends and color matches for 2015 and we are pleased to share them with you!

  1. Greek Blue

The blue which resembles the tops of Santorini churches which can be paired with grey or pink.

Have a piece of Santorini, Greece inside your turf! Source: pinterest.com


  1. The Colors of the 60’s

Hues of green olives and orange are coming back!

A throwback of vibrancy from the 60’s! Source: pinterest.com


  1. Sour Green Mixed with Blue

A blend of green and blue exudes that clean and refreshing image.

Let these vibrant colors uplift your mood! Source: pinterest.com


  1. The Pastel Spectrum

A throwback of optimistic mix of orange and purple, aqua blue and pink! Experiment on a hushed spectrum of palette colors with bursts of neon colors.

Create your happy place inside your crib with these dazzling colors! Source: pinterest.com


  1. Pale Gray

One of the most popular among neutral colors at present, this color provides for the perfect background for the interiors of your abode. Play with this color which is best to match with black furniture or a graying-white wall.

Sticking with classic colors can never go wrong. Have this dramatic corner in your home! Source: pinterest.com


  1. A Slice of Renaissance

Imagine paintings created during this era! Work with the eclectic blend of greens, beiges, whites, plums and don’t forget to add the mixture of patterns and textures exemplified in Renaissance artworks!

This Neo-renaissance home set up is a perfect example but check out Renaissance paintings to get an idea which will suit your personality! Source: pinterest.com


  1.  Olive Green

This will be an exciting and sought after color for next year exuding a balmy and natural vibe with any shade you may combine it with!


Olive green consistently brings a dramatic and earthy look inside dwellings perfect for nature lovers! Source: pinterest.com


  1. Pairing Daring Colors

Be brave without compromising style. Mix daring colors of stunning pink, flamboyant green, dramatic turquoise and luscious purples!


Dare to be flamboyant and unleash your spirited creativity with these colors! Source: pinterest.com


  1. Tender Hues

A come back of warm and muddy tones will trend next year as well. Think of rust, olive, aubergrine and mint but give it a splash of vivid colors for an electrifying effect!

Earthy tones provide for a homey feel inside homes, suitable for relaxing moments with family! Source: pinterest.com


  1. Vibrant Matches

Mixing classic colors with unpredictable accents creates an enthusiastic scheme! Picture black, white and gray and gush it with the hues of red, citrus, blue and green.

Dare to combine timeless and bubbly colors and everyone will surely be enticed by your home arrangement. Source: pinterest.com


Unleash the home stylist in you and start visualizing your color scheme at your house or condo unit for a refreshing 2015! Express your personality in creating a stylish and convenient dwelling for you and your family next year.

Have a colorful and joyful Christmas!