Essentially Healthy: Top Benefits of Home Water Filtration System


The human body is made up of 70% water. On that note, water consumption is incredibly vital for our bodies to perform correctly. However, if the water you drink is contaminated or unsafe, it can cause more damage instead of doing good for your body. Thus, water purification is necessary.

The good news is, there are so many things you can do to ensure that your water is safe and cleaned before drinking it. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of water filtration.

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Cleaner and Safer Supply

A high-quality water filter system will extract all the harmful contaminants from your water source without eliminating the naturally occurring nutrients, which is significant for our optimum health.

Hence, the variety of water filters you choose such as the counter-tops, under the sink, pitcher or a whole house will determine how efficient your filtered water is. In other words, drinking water filters are going to supply much cleaner and safer water than traditional tap water you’re using in your homes.

Have a Healthier Shower

Your baths and showers will be healthier with filtered water because the chloramines and chlorine have been eliminated or significantly reduced. Chlorine that’s in your bath water can cause reddened eyes, dizziness, headaches, and is a known carcinogen or a cancer-causing agent.

Also, when exposed to heat, chlorinated water will discharge toxic gases such as therms which is extremely dangerous to people’s health. However, by purifying the water before it arrives in your bathroom, you can be guaranteed of healthier, chemical-free water.

Makes Your Appliances Last

Even if you think your water is clean and safe, still, pieces of chemicals and sediments will always enter through your pipes. As the time pass by, these harmful chemicals will build up in the water tubes and all appliances that are using water for operation. Expressly, water heaters are sensitive to this type of mineral buildup.

However, if you have water filtration systems, it will produce only the purest, cleanest water in your refrigerator, washer, coffee maker, water heater, and dishwasher to make their performance better and lives longer.

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Prevention of Diseases

Deciding to install water filter system in your home rather than regular tap water is a smart preventative measure to avoid further health issues. Filter systems remove the chlorine and lead in water that can lead to severe health problems and other toxins as well. Other health benefits of water filtrations are:

  • Reduce Cancer Risks. Indeed, purified water can reduce the risk of certain cancers. Notably, studies have confirmed that by removing chlorine byproducts in the supply of water using the filters before drinking can significantly lessen the chances of getting several cancers such as bladder cancer, rectal cancer, and colon cancer.
  • Reduces risk of getting other diseases. By the elimination of various water parasites and toxins, filtered water can efficiently beat illnesses like the gastrointestinal disease.

Gain Health Advantages

The benefits of filtered water regarding health are numerous. Not only filtered water helps with detoxification of the body, but it also keeps the nervous system up and moving.

Further, filtered water is also pretty crucial for children, especially to babies that don’t have the robust immune system that most adults do. Other than that, here are some health benefits of purified water.

  • Control Weight. Without clean, fresh water, the body can take in carbohydrates and sugars more than anything else. Also, it can lead the body to fail to consume the nutrients and vitamins from the foods we eat. Further, water regulates the metabolism, and without clean, healthy water, the metabolism can end up to work incorrectly.
  • Detoxify. Apparently, the kidneys need fresh, pure water to free the body from harmful contaminants. Thus, clean water dramatically stimulates the kidneys to remove the toxins from your body and keep the urinary system running well.

Also, healthy water reduces your chances of bladder infections, to improve your body’s immunity. Briefly, if water isn’t clean or already filled with harmful chemicals, the water can’t be effective in removing the toxins out from our bodies.

  • Treats Digestive Issues. If you have difficulty in digestion, then probably the answer to your problem can be found only in a glass of water. The presence of purified and clean water can help digest the chunky pieces of food so your body will accurately absorb all the nutrients you need.

Also, clean water stimulates your body to properly digest the food which gives your body energy throughout the day. And if you’re feeling constipated, clean water helps to soften stool, so your bowel movements are more comfortable to pass.

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If you’re like many consumers and homeowners, probably you’re worried about the water infiltrating your house from your ground-well or sources local supplies.

However, buying filtered water and using water filtration modules are the efficient ways if you want safe water throughout your home. Luckily, there is now a practical water filtration systems to eliminate contaminants from your community’s water supply and also providing you excellent benefits.

Author’s Bio:

Caleigh Martin is a mom and a health enthusiast. She also writes about well and green health and environment. To gather the latest news and updates, she usually browses the web like Deal Wiki and other health-related sites. Morever, when having her spare time, Caleigh attends her yoga class with her friends.