Home-based Interior Designs: A Guideline on How to Make a Home More Family Oriented


A house is merely a building with a roof, walls, doors, and windows. What makes it special is the family that lives inside– making it a home.  On the other hand, a good interior design has the power to make every home sweeter and cozier, keeping the family closer to one another. That is why it is important to invest one’s time, money, and efforts on a good interior design that fits the family’s preference.

For an artistic person who finds pleasure in designing, getting yourself into interior design is a good career path. The best thing about interior design is that it can be done by anyone with an artistic mind. It does not require any age specification in order to think of a good concept. As long as you have the skills, basic understanding, and your creative juices are flowing, then you’re good to go! Also, it is not a very demanding job since most interior designers are freelance. It means that they can just adjust their time depending on their availability. This is a convenient career, out of a pool of home based business opportunities, for those who are attending full-time to their family’s household needs but who still want to pursue their passion in designing.

Home-based interior designing both have its perks and downsides. Freelancing cannot promise stability in terms of the income and clients. This is mostly true in interior designing jobs. Finding a client is a tough competition. Setting these concerns aside, home based interior designing is an ideal job. It is limitless—no age requirement, no specific work schedule. As long as you have the connections, you can then easily gain clients, making it a good business opportunity.

One of the most challenging tasks of being an interior designer is making a good concept for a home. “Home is where the heart is”, they say. So, as an interior designer, you have to carefully align your designs to the personality of the family you are working for. To give you a kick start, here are some general guidelines on how to make your designs fit for a family-oriented setting.

Consider the family’s demands

What is a good room when the family cannot utilize its potential? In other words, your design must be able to cope with the babies throwing tantrums, pets running around, and the likes.

Opt for a clean and comfortable look

As much as possible, keep the furniture and home decors minimal– simple yet with style. Avoid unnecessary decorations which can only cause hassle to the family, most especially those with toddlers. Materials that can help accumulate dust, pet hair, and dirt must also be avoided. Long drapes are also not advisable because they’re a tripping hazard.

Choose durable materials and finishes

There are times when doors become backboards for basketball practices, walls become canvass filled with colors, and etc. Families with kids can relate to these situations. This is why it is important to consider the durability of the materials of the furniture and decors. In this case, a washable paint is a lifesaver to easily remove the stains on the walls and doors. For the furniture, make sure that it is made of heavy and solid wood that’s been screwed, glued, and corner-blocked. Kids have the tendency to play around these stuffs, and for safety purposes, it is better to have high quality furniture. Also, pick those with rounded corners to prevent accidents.

Leave some space

Do not overpopulate the entire house with some decorations and furniture. Leave some space for any other activities. Leave some space for growing kids.

Strategically accessorize

A plain house is simply boring. So, to spice it up, it is essential to accessorize your home. Strategically accessorize your home with furniture and decors that may look different individually but complement each other together. You have to be cautious about everything though, because there are certain decorations that are not safe for kids. When laying them out, make sure that these not so child-friendly decorations stay out of children’s reach.

Incorporate the beauty of organization

Can you imagine the chaos if a family is unorganized? As an interior designer, it is also your duty to incorporate the beauty of your home through an organize household. Introduce storage bins to minimize clutter. Also, arrange furniture in a way that allows easy maintenance.

The ideas mentioned above are just few of the things that must be taken into consideration when conceptualizing for a home design. Yes, there are a lot of inspirations on the internet, but sometimes, the most common and basic guidelines are usually the ones that are easily forgotten. Not everyone can create their success stories through home based business opportunities, but how you reach success will depend on your creativity and capability as a person.

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