Broker Tips

Broker Tips

Real estate agents are faced with various challenges due to the ever shifting and exciting characteristic of the real estate industry. Get the latest tips and recommendations on how to realize your potential on being the best real estate broker you can be by reading our blog articles. You may also share your own recommendations or ask us questions via the comment section of each blog post.

5 Common Mistakes Holding Back Your Success

When a person chooses to push on despite challenges, he or she already has one foot in the door of success.

Tips for Successful Real Estate Tech Adoption

If a certain gadget or software causes more headaches and delays a deal then it may not be a good choice after all. 

Why Young Brokers Should Consider the Local Real Estate Rental Market

For young brokers who are still searching for their niche, here are three reasons why the local real estate rental market is worth considering.

The Broker’s Role in the Age of Real Estate Tech

There are three ways a broker can leverage technology and play a crucial role in this age of real estate tech.

How to Build Trust in Real Estate through Social Media

The impact of social media is crucial, as it can provide the support needed to establish trust.

How to Select the Right Real Estate Technology for Your Business

The right tools for a broker will promise three things: increased productivity, efficiency and ease, and long-term solutions.

3 Ways To Collaborate With Other Real Estate Brokers to Grow...

Where networking takes place, opportunities for collaboration open. Brokers simply need to be quick in recognizing them.

How Collaboration Benefits Real Estate Brokers

New collaborations and partnerships are shaping the future of real estate, leading the charge alongside the development of new technology.

Real Estate Practices for Client Retention

Quality interactions are what cultivate relationships with clients and build trust, which ultimately ensure client retention.

Tips for Improving Customer Experience in Real Estate

It's not enough to be excellent; it matters just as much to be consistent.

How Hoppler Works

Find the home of your dreams with the assistance of our expert brokers and agents. At Hoppler, we simplify buying a home through our online platform.


hoppler logoHoppler is an online real estate brokerage platform that simplifies real estate transactions through its advanced platform and its exceptional network of brokers.
We offer top-quality properties in Metro Manila from our trusted Partner Brokers and direct owners.



Green Meadows, Quezon City

₱160,000,000 5 Beds 7Bath 800 sqm

Tandang Sora, Quezon City

₱11,862,000 5 Beds 5Bath 197.7 sqm

Prosperity Heights, Tandang Sora, Quezon City

₱6,996,326 2 Beds 2Bath 54 sqm

New Manila, Quezon City

₱26,500,000 3 Beds 6Bath 270 sqm