7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Office Space in Ortigas


The dynamic trend in the Philippine economy measures how strong a commercial business district is. Ortigas Center is the second most important business center in the country. It continues to withstand the constant change in the nation’s financial system, the strategies to attract investors, and the employment needs of Filipinos. The strength of the CBD continues to increase as more companies choose to invest in its office spaces.

Here are 7 reasons why you should invest in an office space in Ortigas:

  1. Boundless growth

Ortigas Center is one of the Philippines’ best commercial business districts. It houses the headquarters of top-notch corporations, prominent BPO companies, and many prospering businesses. Thousands of connection and job opportunities are up for grabs. Growth is inevitable in Ortigas.

  1. Diversity of consumers

Different businesses flock in the CBD for hopes of success. No type of business is left out. The diversity of people who live in Ortigas makes it a desirable hub.

  1. Accessibility is never an issue

Travel with ease. In the heart of Metro Manila is the strategic location of Ortigas. MRT, buses, jeepneys, and shuttles are the available public transportation. The second largest CBD is bordered by Pasig, Mandaluyong, and Quezon City making it accessible in all directions.

  1. Abundant office spaces

The demand for office spaces in Ortigas is relatively high, but that does not qualify as a problem. As of 2014, new commercial buildings were built to meet the requirement. Now, 132,640 square meters of Ortigas Center is now dedicated for office use. The significant increase in commercial properties attracted more investors, businessmen, and employees.

  1. Affordable rental rates

Compared to Makati and BGC, Ortigas offers affordable office spaces. You can avail of a Grade B office for PhP450 per square meter and PhP650 per square meter for a Grade A office. It is the best hub for start-ups and small businesses with a tight budget.

  1. Determined workforce

Working in Ortigas is positively beneficial for all employees. Hence, the CBD attracts the labor force from top universities. The opportunities draw people in, but the growth causes them to stay.

  1. Fun afterwork lifestyle

The neighborhood is dotted with malls, hang out spots, and a park where people go after a day at work. Food places in Ortigas are the most popular hangout spots nowadays, especially for young professionals. Investing in an office space in the fast-paced district signifies the beginning of a fun lifestyle.

Offices spaces in Ortigas provide an avenue for businesses to prosper. The sturdy CBD will help any business endure the possible problems that an economy might encounter.

Do you know other reasons why it is best to invest in an office space in Ortigas? Share it with us in the comments section.

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