10 Home-Buying Warning Signs That Shouldn’t be Overlooked


You’ve finally found the house of your dreams – or so you thought. It’s easy to get caught up with impressive features when you’re looking for a home that you fail to look deeper and ask more questions.

It’s not that sellers don’t always tell the truth about their homes to potential homebuyers but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Before you put down that deposit, look out for red flags during your home tours or viewings.

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Here are 10 home-buying signs that shouldn’t be overlooked:

  1. Water pressure

Run the water in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and flush the toilets as well. This will give you an idea if the house has good water pressure and if the sinks are draining properly.


  1. Flood Zone

With the increasing unpredictability of rain and climate change, flood zones have become increasingly important. Purchasing a home in a high-risk flood zone can mean a dramatic increase in insurance costs, as well as more difficulty selling the home in the future.


  1. Roof

Don’t hesitate to ask the seller how old the roof is. A well-maintained roof doesn’t have three layers of roofing and gutters with plants growing in them. Check for damage, rust, leaks or missing, cracked or sliding tiles.


  1. Electrical wiring

Check if the switches and outlets in the house function properly. Replacing old and faulty wiring can be very expensive.


  1. Foul smell

If you only smell potpourri all over the house during your tour, the seller is probably hiding something. Take a big whiff of the air inside and outside the house just to be sure.

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  1. History of the house

Ask when and why repairs were done. You may also want to know about former inhabitants, deaths in the house and crime reports in the neighborhood.


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  1. Foundation

Though you’re not a structural engineer, you can check out a home’s foundation by its telltale signs alone. Cracks in the walls, ceiling and flooring indicate a foundation problem. Keep in mind that even relatively minor foundation damage can lead to bigger (and more expensive) repairs down the road.


  1. Pests

No one wants a home with a pest problem Keep an eye out for unwelcome creatures, droppings, mousetraps and poisons as you tour the house. A clear indication that termites are inhabiting the place are hollow-sounding beams and door frames.


  1. Floor coverings

Inspect the carpets and other floor coverings for wear. Lift all the rugs to be sure they are not covering any damage.


  1. Style

You should definitely look somewhere else you if you don’t like the style of a home. Don’t waste your budget for a big facelift.


When you’re house hunting, don’t let looks deceive you. Make it your responsibility to have a keen eye and leave no stone unturned when seeking information or else you’ll end up wasting your hard earned money.

Did we miss any home-buying red flag? Share it with us in the comment section.

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