Welcome to Salcedo Village, Makati City

Tall buildings with elegant architecture and the abundance of trees easily bring out the simplicity and beauty of Salcedo Village. Commercial-residential areas prevail in this area, standing side-by-side many office spaces. What this creates is a humble community of young artists, families, and working professionals, interacting with one another courteously as they pace through their day.

Salcedo Village is primarily known and remembered for the Salcedo Saturday Market at the St. Jaime C. Velasquez Park. Many people flock to the Saturday Market to purchase fresh produce and eat delectable dishes, but it also successfully brings people together with the rest of the community to enjoy their Saturday. The same park is the venue of Art in the Park, an annual outdoor visual fair that brings art, collectors, enthusiasts, and artists together. There are also third wave coffee shops, international restaurants, and specialty stores that are all a few streets away to keep residents and visitors happy.

Perfect for those who enjoy interacting with the community

As Salcedo Village is able to consistently engage its community with activities, it also allows its residents to feel a sense of belonging. During seasonal holidays, community events are hosted, bringing people together. It’s a safe environment and this closeness is what makes Salcedo Village special to those who have experienced its community.

Top Attractions