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Commercial Lot for Sale in Makati (3 results)

A Premise On A Great Tomorrow for Your Business

No one can deny the fact that Makati, for decades now, has been on of the most progressive local government unit in the Philippines. With over 62,000 registered businesses engaged in wholesale, retail, financial, real estate, manufacturing, import, and export, among others, a commercial lot in Makati can prove to be one of the best investments you can make. More so, you?ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor better because tax rates have remained the same since 2006!

There are just a lot of good things that can happen while in Makati - a lot of possibilities, and just the thought that your business stands a great chance to succeed can really keep you going. With the city's continuous growth, why not invest in a commercial lot now and be part its success today and in many years to come.