House and Lots for rent in Quezon City

23 results


₱120,000/month5 Beds 3.5Baths300sqm

St Ignatius Village

₱95,000/month3 Beds 3Baths210sqm

Ayala Heights

₱120,000/month3 Beds 4Baths600sqm


₱130,000/month5 Beds 4Baths300sqm

Loyola Grand Villas

₱130,000/month4 Beds 4Baths600sqm

Green Meadows

₱500,000/month5 Beds 5Baths800sqm

Green Meadows

₱180,000/month4 Beds 6Baths800sqm

Matandang Balara

₱135,000/month4 Beds 5Baths435sqm


₱100,000/month6 Beds 6Baths700sqm

Blue Ridge

₱90,000/month4 Beds 3Baths450sqm

Sacred Heart

₱50,000/month3 Beds 3Baths105sqm

Green Meadows

₱220,000/month3 Beds 5Baths800sqm


₱75,000/month9 Beds 8Baths160sqm

Teacher's Village

₱150,000/month8 Beds 4Baths400sqm

New Manila

₱120,000/month3 Beds 4Baths300sqm

Corinthian Gardens

₱300,000/month5 Beds 5Baths644sqm

Green Meadows

₱200,000/month3 Beds 5Baths840sqm


₱150,000/month5 Beds 4Baths514sqm

Green Meadows

₱140,000/month6 Beds 6Baths

Corinthian Gardens

₱120,000/month3 Beds 3Baths600sqm


₱140,000/month3 Beds 3Baths330sqm

68 Roces

₱85,000/month4 Beds 3Baths81sqm


₱85,000/month4 Beds 3Baths484sqm

The Convenience of Living in A House in Quezon City

Quezon City (QC) is one of the most populated cities in Metro Manila. QC condo residents enjoy living here because of accessibility to schools, hospitals, excellent food and entertainment not to mention the many employment opportunities. While the business of the city center can be quite exhilarating, at the end of the day who would not want to get away from all the noise and craziness of the city? If comfort, peace and privacy are what you want, you can go home to one of the beautiful house and lots for rent in QC.
Choose among the semi furnished houses for rent in the Acropolis. Or you can pick from posh houses in Corinthians Gardens and Green Meadows. Enjoy being away from the chaos but still living a few minutes away from the city center.

Check out our houses for rent in Quezon City here and live comfortably in the city.