House and Lots for rent in Makati

House and Lots for Rent in Makati

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San Lorenzo Village

₱200,000/month4 Beds 4Baths500sqm

San Lorenzo Village

₱300,000/month4 Beds 4Baths450sqm


₱190,000/month4 Beds 4Baths650sqm

Bel-Air Village

₱120,000/month3 Beds 3Baths525sqm

Bel-Air Village

₱180,000/month3 Beds 3Baths525sqm


₱98,000/month3 Beds 3Baths250sqm

San Miguel Village

₱80,000/month3 Beds 3Baths90sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱200,000/month3 Beds 4Baths601sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱250,000/month3 Beds 4Baths1080sqm

Urdaneta Village

₱250,000/month4 Beds 4Baths1124sqm

San Lorenzo Village

₱220,000/month4 Beds 4Baths300sqm

San Lorenzo Village

₱170,000/month3 Beds 3Baths450sqm

San Lorenzo Village

₱220,000/month4 Beds 4Baths442sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱400,000/month6 Beds 6Baths1600sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱400,000/month5 Beds 4Baths1370sqm

San Lorenzo Village

₱210,000/month3 Beds 3Baths450sqm

San Lorenzo Village

₱150,000/month3 Beds 3Baths350sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱380,000/month3 Beds 4Baths744sqm

Forbes Park

₱150,000/month3 Beds 3Baths300sqm

Urdaneta Village

₱350,000/month4 Beds 4Baths500sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱600,000/month4 Beds 3Baths900sqm

Bel-Air Village

₱135,000/month4 Beds 6.5Baths250sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱250,000/month4 Beds 4Baths640sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱280,000/month3 Beds 4Baths620sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱300,000/month4 Beds 5Baths915sqm

Forbes Park

₱450,000/month5 Beds 5Baths2100sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱280,000/month4 Beds 4Baths1337sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱300,000/month5 Beds 4Baths680sqm

Urdaneta Village

₱300,000/month4 Beds 4Baths890sqm

Dasmariñas Village

₱300,000/month4 Beds 5Baths2200sqm

Makati – An All-Inclusive City Upholding and Nurturing Diversity

Makati, the home of affluent families, businessman, hipsters, artists, and people who adore the fast-paced lifestyle in a progressive city, continues to be an all-inclusive place where people from different walks of life congregate and live. Its residents benefit from its accessibility, efficient social services, healthcare system, and praiseworthy support to senior citizens.

A sought-after city that is popular for its high-end villages and condominium communities, tall corporate towers, premier business districts, under-the-radar restaurants and cafés, and shopping malls, Makati proves to be an attractive address, not to mention its reputation as the Philippines’ leading financial and central business district.

As a city of diversity and due its commitment to cater to all people no matter their backgrounds, Makati supports and nurtures the lifestyle of its residents. Its neighborhoods have houses that range from ultra high-end to affordable yet high in quality. For those who want to revel in the cosmopolitan lifestyle it offers, one can move to one of its 33 barangays.

Bel-Air for the trendy residents

Aside from Bel-Air Village being one the cleanest and greenest barangay in Makati – it was inducted into the Makati Clean and Green Hall of Fame in 2005 – it is surrounded by hip restaurants, cafés, and bars that offer local and international cuisines and drinks. It is where the popular and frequented stretch, Jupiter Street, is located. Residents, both locals and expatriates, and guests from nearby cities visit Bel-Air to hang out and dine with their friends and families, and to meet new people.

Residents of Bel-Air enjoy its tree-lined streets despite the village being highly developed. Moreover, Bel-Air is committed to promote camaraderie among its residents through community events. In fact, a thanksgiving event called Pasinaya takes place within the village yearly.

Bel-Air welcomes everyone; thus, the diversity of its residents is noteworthy. Those who buy or rent in Bel-Air are well-to-do families, entrepreneurs, business executives, artists, and expatriates. Its close proximity to the Ayala business center and other key locations in Makati makes it an ideal home.

Forbes Park for upscale residential living

According to property consultants, Forbes Park is the second most expensive village in the Philippines in terms of price per square meters in 2017, after Dasmariñas Village. Over the years, it has established itself as the home of the richest families and celebrities. Nevertheless, expatriates, especially ambassadors from other countries, prefer to rent in Forbes Park to experience a secure and quiet way of living.

Forbes Park rests between the Makati Central Business District (CBD) and Bonifacio Global City (BGC), making it a convenient home for Filipino business moguls who have offices in the aforementioned business districts.

Residents typically enjoy a naturally laidback ambiance within the elite private village. In fact, to highlight the quietude and comfort that envelope it, Forbes have thousands of trees, some are even over half a century old.

San Lorenzo for people who prefer a dynamic lifestyle

San Lorenzo Village is one of the first gated residential neighborhoods in Makati. It was developed in 1954 and has a total land area of 269.35 hectares. Considered as one of the richest barangays in the Philippines, it embraces a part of the Makati CBD including Legaspi Village, a commercial-residential district, and Ayala Center where its revenue mainly comes from

Life is never a bore at San Lorenzo Village; it is not always about work despite it being predominantly commercial in use. It houses the Glorietta and Greenbelt malls and first-rate hotels where its residents hang out and de-stress. A haven for foodies, it offers hundreds, if not thousands, of popular and startup restaurants within its confines. Parks that promote a healthier lifestyle including the Legaspi Active Park, Greenbelt Park, and Washington SyCip Park provide a place where residents can exercise and spend time leisurely.

Urdaneta Village for a low-density neighborhood

Located near the Makati CBD and BGC, and major roads including Kalayaan Flyover and Gil Puyat Avenue, Urdaneta Village is an accessible gated neighborhood where some of the wealthiest families in the Philippines and expatriates reside. It is one of the smallest villages in Makati and is solely residential in use.

Residents of Urdaneta Village, due to their home being near lifestyle centers and hang out places in Makati and Taguig, are easygoing but driven. They frequent Poblacion, the Ayala malls, and BGC to dine, shop, and spend time with their friends and families.

Urdaneta Village places a high premium on the welfare of its residents. Moreover, the expatriates who rent in Urdaneta Village appreciate the private and intimate atmosphere, and the round-the-clock security the neighborhood provides.

Dasmariñas Village for a world-class neighborhood

Dasmariñas Village occupies 187.21 hectares of land in Makati. It was developed by Ayala Land in the early 1960s to be part of Forbes Park. Businessmen, celebrities, politicians, expatriates, and diplomats working in the Philippines own a house or rent in Dasmariñas Village to enjoy the security and privacy it provides.

Although considered as completely residential in use, a number of foreign embassies and consulates such as those of China, Czech Republic, Egypt, India, and Oman are located within the gated Dasmariñas Village. Moreover, Colegio de San Agustin, a private Catholic school, is within its confines.

Residents enjoy first-class amenities. Dasmariñas Village has a gym, basketball, badminton, and tennis courts, and parks. Its two parks are named Mahogany Park and Campanilla Park, which holds bazaars and can accommodate events like birthday parties and receptions.

Makati Facts

  • The average rent of a house and lot in Makati is Php230,000, based on Hoppler’s 2017 data.
  • Aside from the aforementioned gated communities, Makati is also home to a number of more affordable subdivisions, including Palm Village in Brgy. Guadalupe Viejo, Ecology Village, and Rizal Village close to Kalayaan Avenue.
  • A number of upcoming Makati mixed-use developments are also in the works, including Ayala Land’s Circuit Makati and Rockwell Land’s The Proscenium.
  • Two major hospitals serve the great Makati area: the 600-plus-bed Makati Medical Center in the central business district and the government-run Ospital ng Makati.

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