House and Lots for sale in Quezon City

79 results

Project 8

₱22,000,0005 Beds 3Baths396sqm


₱11,000,0005 Beds 4Baths180sqm


₱4,800,0003 Beds 2Baths214sqm

Geneva Gardens Neopolitan VII

₱25,000,0003 Beds 3Baths300sqm


₱9,395,0004 Beds 4Baths66.5sqm


₱6,495,0003 Beds 4Baths59sqm

Project 6

₱5,500,0002 Beds 0Bath99.8sqm

Batasan Hills

₱3,800,0004 Beds 2Baths132sqm

White Plains

₱90,000,00011 Beds 7Baths592sqm

Loyola Grand Villas

₱50,000,0004 Beds 5Baths450sqm


₱47,960,0004 Beds 6Baths747sqm

Blue Ridge

₱50,000,0006 Beds 5Baths430sqm

Batasan Hills

₱32,000,0006 Beds 6Baths322sqm

Kingspoint Subdivision

₱18,000,0006 Beds 4Baths379sqm


₱185,000,0005 Beds 7Baths756sqm

Loyola Grand Villas

₱65,000,0009 Beds 6Baths927sqm

La Vista

₱250,000,0005 Beds 5Baths2013sqm

Eastwood City

₱26,717,0003 Beds 2Baths111.44sqm

UP Village

₱14,000,0004 Beds 4Baths130sqm

Filinvest 2

₱10,000,0005 Beds 4Baths281sqm

Ayala Ferndale Homes

₱28,500,0003 Beds 3Baths284sqm


₱19,500,0004 Beds 6Baths384sqm

Loyola Grand Villas

₱75,000,0003 Beds 3Baths1000sqm

White Plains

₱95,000,0004 Beds 4Baths581sqm

Blue Ridge

₱45,000,0005 Beds 4Baths412sqm

Filinvest Homes

₱16,000,0004 Beds 4Baths240sqm


₱11,500,0003 Beds 4Baths2408sqm

White Plains

₱135,000,00010 Beds 6Baths1066sqm

Casa Milan

₱45,800,0004 Beds 4Baths300sqm

White Plains

₱130,000,0005 Beds 5Baths687sqm

Mark Your Place, Own a House in Quezon City

Quezon City's population is as diverse as its features. Being a resident of the city, you will find yourself in the middle of an ever-progressive business, lifestyle and food scene, excellent schools and medical facilities. If you prefer having your own place that extends beyond the doorway, you can invest in house and lots for sale in Quezon City (QC).

There is a wide variety of houses for sale that you can choose in QC. You can choose from the grander houses in Filinvest Homes or the more modest houses in Novaliches. If you want a more convenient location, you can also choose among the charming houses in Katipunan or the less expensive houses in Commonwealth. Our listings of classy houses for sale are extensive so feel free to browse through them.