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Townhouse for Rent in Makati (34 results)

A Townhouse in A Sound Neighborhood Like Makati

If you are looking at property listings for townhouses for rent, Makati's options won't disappoint you. After picturing yourself in your dream home, keep in mind the residential area that you've always wanted, and check out nearby points of interest. Is it close to schools, grocery stores, churches, hospitals, pet stores, shopping malls, and recreational areas? More importantly, is it safe and sound? Makati City presents all these.

Renting a property somewhere in Makati City like San Antonio Village townhouses could be one of your best options if you don?t see yourself as a long-time resident of the city. Townhouses here are not just affordable but are also strategically located near the business district where different points of interests converge. Own a piece of Makati - a sound neighborhood fit for your dream home.