Townhouses for rent

26 results

Woodsville Residences

₱ 55,000/month3 Beds 3Baths92sqm

Green Meadows

₱ 100,000/month3 Beds 3Baths154sqm

Ivory Court

₱ 65,000/month2 Beds 2Baths80sqm

AFPOVAI Subdivision

₱ 130,000/month4 Beds 4Baths200sqm

Green Meadows

₱ 85,000/month3 Beds 2Baths103sqm

General Trias

₱ 25,500/month2 Beds 1Bath66sqm


₱ 40,000/month2 Beds 1Bath80sqm

San Antonio Village

₱ 100,000/month3 Beds 3Baths95sqm

San Antonio

₱ 90,000/month9 Beds 3Baths70sqm

Green Meadows

₱ 90,000/month3 Beds 3Baths103sqm


₱ 35,000/month3 Beds 2Baths55sqm


₱ 20,000/month2 Beds 2Baths145sqm

Mahogany Place 3

₱ 150,000/month3 Beds 2Baths120sqm

Pamplona Dos

₱ 30,000/month3 Beds 2Baths64sqm


₱ 80,000/month4 Beds 4Baths190sqm

Dover Hill

₱ 120,000/month3 Beds 3Baths250sqm

New Manila

₱ 85,000/month3 Beds 3Baths87sqm

Dover Hill

₱ 110,000/month3 Beds 4Baths220sqm


₱ 45,000/month3 Beds 3Baths58sqm


₱ 40,000/month2 Beds 2Baths70sqm

San Antonio Village

₱ 75,000/month3 Beds 2Baths157.6sqm

San Lorenzo Village

₱ 195,000/month3 Beds 3Baths320sqm

Valle Verde 1

₱ 95,000/month3 Beds 3Baths260sqm

San Miguel Village

₱ 90,000/month3 Beds 3Baths220sqm


₱ 45,000/month3 Beds 3Baths100sqm

68 Roces

₱ 70,000/month3 Beds 3Baths81sqm

Live Life's Simple Pleasures in a Townhouse

Everyone aspires to live in a home they can cherish. Somewhere where comfort and privacy is innate. A townhouse can provide all that and more. These days, more and more people are renting townhouses because they offer the feel of a true home with the conveniences of a condo. It strikes the perfect living conditions which appeals to modern professionals, couples and small families.

Renting a townhouse is as an excellent choice for a home. They're usually situated in prime locations and come in all sorts of visual and interior design opportunities. Take your pick from posh townhouses for rent in Makati to the refined townhouses for rent in Taguig.

Rent a townhouse now and start living in the embodiment of true comfort.