Townhouses for sale

426 results

New Manila

₱35,000,0005 Beds 5Baths400sqm

General Trias

₱1,240,0003 Beds 1Bath40sqm

68 Roces

₱21,086,0003 Beds 3Baths91.2sqm

Horizon Estates

₱46,560,0005 Beds 6Baths115sqm

Horizon Estates

₱52,000,0005 Beds 6Baths112.5sqm

Horizon Estates

₱58,580,0005 Beds 5Baths177sqm

Horizon Estates

₱60,640,0005 Beds 5Baths167.6sqm

RO Santos

₱20,430,0003 Beds 3Baths82.3sqm

RO Santos

₱20,390,0003 Beds 3Baths82.2sqm

RO Santos

₱27,270,0003 Beds 3Baths114.4sqm


₱18,900,0003 Beds 4Baths78.2sqm


₱14,500,0003 Beds 4Baths60.6sqm


₱20,000,0004 Beds 4Baths85sqm

Talon Singko

₱3,900,9773 Beds 3Baths50sqm

Alabang Hills

₱50,000,0003 Beds 3Baths482sqm

San Antonio Valley

₱6,000,0003 Beds 2Baths55sqm


₱800,0003 Beds 2Baths62sqm


₱3,446,0004 Beds 2Baths75sqm

Katarungan Village

₱4,260,0002 Beds 2Baths56sqm

Ohana Homes II

₱5,374,0003 Beds 3Baths56sqm

Ohana Homes II

₱5,430,0003 Beds 3Baths56sqm

Batasan Hills

₱3,580,0003 Beds 3Baths45.83sqm

East Kamias

₱15,000,0005 Beds 5Baths120sqm

Metropolis Village 3

₱3,925,0003 Beds 2Baths60sqm

Metropolis Village 3

₱6,256,0003 Beds 3Baths82sqm

Teresa Ville 2

₱6,500,0003 Beds 3Baths70sqm

Dover Hill

₱22,000,0003 Beds 2Baths50sqm


₱6,995,0003 Beds 4Baths59sqm


₱13,500,0004 Beds 4Baths81sqm


₱13,200,0004 Beds 5Baths52sqm

Economical and Worth It

Townhouses are economical. It proves that residential properties do not have to be expensive for it to be worth it. Townhouses will make you realize that you do not have to pay a significant amount of money just to experience comfort and peace. Also, these properties require low maintenance so you can save more money in the long run.

Find a townhouse you can call your own in key cities like Quezon City, Paranaque, and even Taguig. Be part of a community that values relationship without putting in line the importance of privacy. Enjoy amenities in the neighborhood such as multi-purpose courts, pools, and clubhouse. Townhouses are suitable for families that value the fruit of their hard work.