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House for Rent in San Juan (8 results)

House for rent San Juan

San Juan is fast becoming one of Metro Manila’s primary real estate markets, a highly coveted address among homebuyers and property investors. Founded into cityhood in 2007, its area covers 21 barangays divided into 2 districts and has a total size of 2.3 sqm square miles.

Today, San Juan is home to several business developments like Wilson Corporate Center in Wilson and Jose Abad Santos in NorthEast Greenhills. These areas serve as headquarters of local and international corporations, banks, and luxury hotels. Located near them are some of the city’s most popular shopping malls and lifestyle complexes. Greenhills Shopping Center and Santolan Plaza draw in thousands of visitors each day. Featuring international retail outlets, a variety of culinary experiences, and all-ages programs and activities, these malls lead its exciting lifestyle.

These developments have contributed to shaping San Juan as one of the most highly sought-after locations to rent a house in Metro Manila .

The Best Places to Go in San Juan

Located along Greenhills Mall is Ronac Art Center which is popular among long-time residents of the city. Those who visit Ronac Art Center are presented with delicious culinary restaurant concepts to try. Another well-known lifestyle spot in the city is Madison in Roosevelt.

Why San Juan Properties Are a Smart Real Estate Investment

There is a wide range of available high-end, luxury houses for rent in San Juan. Some notable residential subdivisions in the city include Greenhills Homes West, Wilson Circle Village, and NorthEast Greenhills. Properties in these areas command a higher price but are not without the promise of a comfortable and satisfying living experience that many homebuyers prioritize. Those who rent a house in San Juan are also within convenient distance from renowned schools like Xavier School.

The city’s accessibility is also an advantage and a key factor that contributes to its steady growth. Main roads like P. Guevarra St ease the travel of residents of San Juan to nearby cities such as Quezon City and Mandaluyong. These roads aren’t just accessible for those with cars, as public vehicles pass these expressways as well for faster and safer travel. It is also why families see it convenient to live in a house in San Juan.

Recommended Areas:

  • North East Greenhills
  • Greenhills West
  • North Greenhills
  • Addition Hills
  • Santa Lucia

Suggested Cities:

  • Quezon City
  • Mandaluyong
  • Manila

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