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Warehouses for Lease

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San Lorenzo

₱650 /sqm 3 Baths 2313.78 sqm


₱350 /sqm 4 Baths 5095 sqm

Valle Verde

₱270 /sqm 1 Bath 550 sqm


₱300 /sqm 4 Baths 1260 sqm

General Trias

₱200 /sqm 4 Baths 2000 sqm

San Pedro

₱150 /sqm 2 Baths 1000 sqm


₱250 /sqm 2 Baths 14999 sqm

San Pedro

₱150 /sqm 0 Bath 21070 sqm


₱256 /sqm 4 Baths 6447 sqm

San Pedro

₱130 /sqm 2 Baths 3000 sqm


₱175 /sqm 2 Baths 2262 sqm


₱150 /sqm 2 Baths 2000 sqm

San Fernando

₱231.45 /sqm 1 Bath 324 sqm


₱1,200 /sqm 2 Baths 60 sqm


₱250 /sqm 2 Baths 12000 sqm


₱200 /sqm 1300 sqm

Find a Shelter for Your Supplies

Warehouses play an essential role in businesses. A place for receiving, storing, and distribution, a warehouse makes it convenient for a company to gather and keep important supplies. Keep your products safe by putting them into a storehouse. Many commercial spaces where you can stock your supplies when they are not yet ready for distribution or employment are available for lease.

No matter what city your company belongs to, there is an accessible warehouse for your convenience. Makati, Pasig, and Quezon City offer storehouses that assure that the circulation and storage of your products can be done easier. Find one that would best fit to the needs of your business by considering the size of the space and the location.