Welcome to Bel-Air: An All-Inclusive Community in Makati

People from different lifestyles and backgrounds flock to Bel-Air to grow in the many facets of their life.

Weekly Picks: Well-Organized Home Spaces Revealing Modernity

Because people who live in the metro typically prefer a modern home.

Saving for a Home Downpayment while Renting

There are several ways to start saving that are simple and practical. It’s all a matter of sticking by them long-term to see its results.

Major Technology Innovations that May Influence Real Estate in 2018

Get introduced to recent technological innovations that are reshaping real estate.

Weekly Picks: Hacks to Maximizing Space in Studio Condominiums

Space isn't an issue with these simple yet creative tips for designing studio condominiums.

Meet Hoppler’s New President and COO: Raymond Gonzalez

We sat down with Raymond to talk about his career and his aspirations for Hoppler, his clients, and those he leads.
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Ethics Guidelines for Real Estate Brokers

Know more about the Code of Ethics that presides over real estate professionals in the Philippines.

Ways to Get Listings as a Starting-Out Real Estate Broker

These techniques when done with diligence and integrity can help you get listings.

Recognizing the Value of Networking Events for Real Estate Brokers

Networking events don't need to be a drag if its value for a broker is recognized.