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Boost Your Business’ Marketing Through ZipMatch and Hoppler’s Innovative Advertising Solutions

Aside from leading Metro Manila’s digital real estate brokerage industry, Hoppler
and ZipMatch now also offer online advertising as a service-based option to

In our always-on digital reality, it’s becoming increasingly clear how it’s getting harder
for businesses to grow their online presence. Here at ZipMatch and Hoppler, we share
our own digital platforms with other businesses to help them maximize their media
impact and performance and acquire new customers. We made sure that our
advertising solutions are easy to use, time-saving, and cost-efficient.

Advertisers can place their advertising on a variety of channels, and each channel
supports different digital media formats and positioning choices to draw in potential
clients. To make it easier to understand and implement a digital advertising plan, we
have put together an overview of each digital channel.

Reach new audiences and optimize campaigns across many digital channels.

1. Search Ad
With a combined 610,000+ page views and 270,000+ sessions, Hoppler and ZipMatch
will help advertise and promote products and/or services when users search
on www.hoppler.com.ph and www.zipmatch.com.

2. Email Marketing or EDM Campaigns
We will notify the combined 180,000+ users on ZipMatch and Hoppler’s email list
regarding new products, discounts, and other services being offered by the advertiser.

3. Newsletter Ad
Banner ad inclusions in our weekly newsletter will help a business build relationships
with ZipMatch and Hoppler’s 180,000+ users through high-value information and

4. Premium Property Ad

ZipMatch will help advertise and promote products and/or services while 100,000+ monthly users are looking for a property.

5. Premium Homepage Banner
Businesses will be promoted on ZipMatch’s website homepage to create brand
awareness among our 100,000+ monthly users and generate click-throughs, purchases,
and leads.

Maximize your digital media impact with our advertising solutions. Contact our Online Advertising Specialist now at hero.allarey@hoppler.com.ph or call at +639394038248 to assist your queries.

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