Welcome to Legazpi Village, Makati City

Legazpi Village is a haven for young professionals. It is the hipper and more laid-back neighborhood in the Makati Central Business District. Although it houses many offices and is near main thoroughfares, it is popular for its less crowded tree-lined streets, pocket gardens, and cafés and restaurants where foodies whet their palate. Despite it being slightly older than its neighbor, Salcedo Village, it notably attracts the younger population as it is nearby hangout spots. Also, it is where top executives reside, work, and have fun.

Stereotypically, people in the Makati CBD are permanently on the rush but, the calm vibe of Legazpi Village is a reminder to slow down. From cafés offering artisanal drinks, under-the-radar restaurants serving delectable cuisines, jolly jeeps serving affordable yet delicious food employees love (the famous Sisig at Rada St. is a must try!), to urban gardens where residents jog, do yoga, walk their pet, and saunter, Legazpi Village is an easygoing community where the usual fast-paced setting of Makati is nonexistent.

Perfect for those who seek an unhurried life in the metro

Residents and those who work in Legazpi Village never worry about the insane rush hour traffic and crowd. A retreat in the middle of the busy Makati CBD, it is a go-to place even for those who live nearby to unwind after a long day. Its overall unhurried setting is an invitation to relax, meet friends to relish great food in hip restaurants, and enjoy a leisurely stroll or exercise in the park.

Neighborhood Guide

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