Featured Articles

Featured Articles

Get in-depth stories of human-interest through the Hoppler blog as we share motivating features related to the exciting business of real estate. Learn from fascinating accounts about real estate which will not merely enrich you financially but more than anything, teach you lessons about society and life. We value your ideas, feel free to suggest topics for featured articles regarding real estate or you are also welcome to be our guest blogger!

Real Estate Professions in the Philippines and How Much They Earn

Learn the different professions in real estate and why it's considered an excellent career choice in a dynamic, growing industry.

Man VS Tech: How Technology is Changing the Role of Real...

Technological advances change the world and brokers should keep up to avoid being left behind.

10 Ideal Freelance Jobs for You to Earn More

Determine what you are good at and be a freelancer.

2017 Real Estate Trends at Headstart Kickoff Event

Real Estate Trends for 2017 presented by Hoppler and Megaworld Makati projects updates last February 7 at Acceler8 Makati.

LazerXtreme: A Go-To Place For an Interactive and Indoor Recreation

A go-to venue for everyone who seeks an interactive indoor game.

7 Things Sales Professionals Should do to Avoid Awkward Small Talk

For sales industry professionals, a small talk has the potential to establish a great conversation that leads to a successful sale.

How Millennials Affect the Real Estate Industry

Millennials continue to shape the economy and affect the strategies of traditional property developers and real estate professionals.

Am I Qualified for a Pag-IBIG Calamity Loan?

For residents of areas declared as under a state of calamity, Pag-IBIG is prepared to be of assistance through its Calamity Loan Program.

14 Life Lessons Brokers Can Learn From The Rio 2016 Olympics

Here are 14 Olympic Games Rio 2016 moments we all can learn from about sports and real life.

17 Pokémon Go Moments Only Real Estate Brokers Understand

We compiled 17 Pokémon Go feels real estate brokers can certainly relate to. Which of these are true?
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