Featured Articles

Featured Articles

Get in-depth stories of human-interest through the Hoppler blog as we share motivating features related to the exciting business of real estate. Learn from fascinating accounts about real estate which will not merely enrich you financially but more than anything, teach you lessons about society and life. We value your ideas, feel free to suggest topics for featured articles regarding real estate or you are also welcome to be our guest blogger!

Three Well-Loved Restaurants in Little Tokyo

No matter what restaurant in Little Tokyo you choose to go to, however, you can rest assured that you'll be having authentic Japanese fare.

Three Must-Try Restaurants in San Antonio Plaza

Visit these quality restaurants to whet your appetite or to dine casually with loved ones.

Hoppler Introduces the Junior Art Center at Art in the Park...

Drop by Hoppler's Junior Art Center at Art in the Park 2018 for tons of fun activities!

Europe-Inspired Croque Café + Bakery is San Lorenzo’s Quiet Hideout

Whether it be for brunch dates, afternoon hangouts, or late night catch-ups, Croque’s homey and relaxing atmosphere draws people in and keeps them coming back.

Santuario de San Antonio: A 19th-Century Church inside Forbes Park

To this day, Santuario de San Antonio continues to inspire people to grow in their faith.

Exclusive Country Clubs in Forbes Park

Whether it be the Manila Golf Club or the Manila Polo Club, residents of Forbes can take comfort in having go-to hangouts within the village, ones that feel just like an extension of their home.

Three Dessert Places near Dasmariñas Village

Head over to these dessert places to satisfy your sugar fix.

Find Exceptional and Authentic Italian Fare at Va Bene Pasta Deli

It could barely be kept a secret, as the restaurant has now become recognized around the Metro for its distinctly authentic food.

Discover Heavenly Desserts at Karen’s Kitchen

Rumor is, they have the best red velvet cakes and cupcakes in the city – and there are cookies too!

Cow Bell Steak Café: Inexpensive Quality Steaks in Makati

Steak lovers frequent this laid-back restaurant to taste quality, premium, and affordable steaks.


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