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A Beach Bar Available in Day and Night

Day Bar is envisioned to be an iconic project that would serve as a landmark for tourists during their visit to Port Barton, Northwest of San Vicente, Palawan. 

The team of design professionals from the AAI Design Office who optimizes sites to adapt to current and future development transformed this space into a sensational beach bar. 

Eye-catching Shape

An imposing shape is used to make the establishment identifiable even from afar, even coming from the sea. Being surrounded by coconut palms, lodging facilities and dining establishments, Day Bar is more than just a hang-out place for tourists. 

The Day bar is a mixed used development divided into 2 levels. The first level is a concept bar lounge. Meanwhile, the second level is the lodging spaces divided into 4 rentable rooms.

Each room is connected by a shared balcony and accessed by sliding the movable full height bamboo brise soleil which opens into the view of the beach.

Local materials are used as finishes to localize the design language

The form has taken inspiration from the shape that resulted from the cutting of the mountain in order to build road infrastructure. The smooth and flowing shape that literally paved the way to Port Barton’s residence will now give life to the Day Bar.

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