Broker Tips

Broker Tips

Real estate agents are faced with various challenges due to the ever shifting and exciting characteristic of the real estate industry. Get the latest tips and recommendations on how to realize your potential on being the best real estate broker you can be by reading our blog articles. You may also share your own recommendations or ask us questions via the comment section of each blog post.

10 Things Successful Brokers Don’t Do

Many times, it’s not what brokers do, but the things they don't, that help them succeed.

Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Brokers

Marketing properties does not have to be expensive. With the right strategies and tools, your listings can reach more potential clients.

Tips for Selling High-End Residential Properties

Selling a luxury home requires a different, more focused strategy dedicated to understanding the market.

The Importance of Co-Brokering in Real Estate

Co-brokering presents thousands of opportunities for brokers to assist clients better and to earn more.

How Technology Is Reshaping The Real Estate Industry

Technology is continually revolutionizing the work of a real estate broker, ultimately changing the face of the industry as well.

Ways Real Estate Brokers Can Stay at the Top of their...

It’s integral in any profession that one never stops learning in their craft and never stops searching for ways to expand knowledge.

How to Build a Powerful Real Estate Referral Network

Building a real estate referral network is imperative for those who want to ensure success in the industry.

Challenges Real Estate Professionals in the Philippines Encounter

These concerns when properly recognized and resolved can pave the way for a successful career in the industry.

Digital Practices Enable Brokers to Close More Deals

With industries quickly adapting to the change of pace brought about by digital tools, brokers are expected to make sure they aren’t left behind.

Proven Strategies to Stand Out as a Real Estate Broker

Being noticed in the populous real estate industry can be difficult, but with initiative and consistency, it is achievable.


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Santa Rosa-Nuvali, Laguna

₱18,800,000 3 Beds 3Bath 281 sqm

Ayala Ferndale Homes, Quezon City

₱19,500,000 3 Beds 3Bath 284 sqm

Santa Rosa-Nuvali, Laguna

₱25,800,000 4 Beds 3Bath 335 sqm

Ayala Ferndale Homes, Quezon City

₱16,200,000 4 Beds 4Bath 213 sqm