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Why Does Personal Branding Matter for Real Estate Professionals

When buying or selling property, the number one factor people look for in their realtors is
trustworthiness. With so much money involved and stakes for future growth so high, people need to know that the person they are doing business with, is the person they can trust.

This trust comes from you establishing and promoting your personal brand as comprehensively as you’d do your business brand. What’s a ‘personal brand’ you ask? Well, the personal brand is the amalgamation of your personal identity, experiences, perceptions, and values. It’s who you are at your core and the principles you live your life by.

As you try to make a name for yourself in the singularly competitive industry of real estate, we share with you knowledge of why having a strong personal brand can mean the difference between struggle and success.

1. It Makes Your Marketing More Human

To be perfectly honest, the more you want to make your name in the real estate market, the more you’ll have to market yourself. But is there anything less attractive, and less cliche, than a realtor consistently promoting themselves?

It can become aggressive (and boring) and may reach a saturation point pretty quickly.

However, when you are promoting your personal brand – the unique things that make you, the story of your life, your unique view point – the more ‘real’ you are injecting into your real estate. People are becoming increasingly expectant of authenticity in all their relationships. And you are not exception. They want to know who you truly are under all the ads, not just a real estate brand logo on a business card or the flashy marketing language and the buzz words.

If you are willing to give them that, you can start closing the deals pretty soon.

2. It Establishes Consistency

The more consistently you bring your personal brand wherever you go, the more you start becoming synonymous with your business. It breeds authenticity and credibility. Nobody remembers William Keller as a personal brand – it is the name of the multi million dollar real estate business.

And that can happen for you too. The great thing about building a personal brand is, you don’t have to ‘become’ anything or adopt a persona of someone who you think your clients want to see. The personal brand gives you the freedom and confidence to be you. And trust me, confidence is attractive and contagious. The more ‘you’ are you consistently, the more confidence your clients can start having in you, and the more sales you can be closing.

We are all looking for stability in our lives. Having a realtor who we can claim to truly know adds precious points in our trust score for him/her.

3. It Lets Your Customers Know What to Expect from You

This point is directly tied to the one above. The more consistent you are the more easily it will be for your clients to know what to expect from you. Whether your personal brand is the ‘present and confident’, ‘cheerful and interesting’, ‘thorough and organized’, or even the ‘shark’ in the pond – the more your customer know what to expect from you, the more they’ll be open and comfortable around you. And that always translates to success in business.

A real estate professional with a consistent personal brand brings a satisfying sense of stability and security into the business proceedings.

4. It Generates Leads

Having a solid real estate personal brand directly results in lead generation – through these three major ways:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing. People love talking about their experiences – both good and bad. Sometimes it’s to inspire others, sometimes to warn them. If you are doing a good job as a realtor, remain assured that your clients will be recommending you to all their family and friends who are looking at real estate options.
  • Gives you your ideal customer’s persona. The more you know yourself and are promoting it, the more you know what kinds of clients you will attract more, so you can direct your efforts accordingly.
  • Direct your content marketing. Establishing yourself as your brand will help you curate content that is most like you, content that is authoritative and knowledgeable, so it can drive high potential leads to your business.

5. It Gives You Your Unique Selling Point

You know what’s your strongest USP is as a realtor? Something that the current saturated market of real estate cannot claim to have more of? It’s you – the unique person you are. By investing time, effort, and yes, money too, in structuring and uncovering your personal brand, you can give power to your unique voice.

Having this USP immediately makes you different than all the rest. It can guide your marketing efforts, orient you towards your target market, give you a unique place to stand on, and help you find your footing in a market that’s always expanding.

Summing Up

Personal branding is your chance to use your personal identity to further your business. It gives you the opportunity to tell your customers that your business isn’t something you do, but it’s who you are.

Author Bio

Phil Eisenberg’s best skills include writing engaging articles, developing content strategies and designing logos for real estate branding. He likes to play the guitar, and play with his dog while brainstorming ideas for his clients. He works at a local IT firm by day and freelance by night.

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