Real Estate Tips

Real Estate Tips

The real estate industry is comprised of may different subindustries that contribute to its entirety. Expose yourself to different angles and tips that are usually overlooked when it comes to doing business with buyers, sellers and brokers.

60 Pre and Post Moving and Packing Tips & Checklist

The following is a sample moving checklist, with various tips and tricks you can follow to make moving as pleasant an experience as it can be.

Real Estate Details to Pay Attention to Before a Purchase

With the help of several pieces of advice, you will be able to handle the process of buying like a pro.

First-time Homebuying Guide [FREE PDF DOWNLOAD]

Cover all the bases as you embark on the journey of finding the perfect home for you.

Things to Prioritize when Moving In to a New Rental Home

By knowing the right steps to begin with, you ensure a steady move in with all the essentials covered.

Using Technology to Buy a House Fast

Technology has changed the way businesses transact. In real estate, technology helps fast-track the home buying process.

Add Value to Your Property Before Putting It on the Market

Upgrades can have a huge impact on the way in which a buyer perceives your property

Don’t Screw it Up: 5 Home Seller Mistakes That are Sure...

Be wary of these common mistakes that may jeopardize the smooth-sailing selling process of your home!

Short on Rent? Here’s What You Can Do

Don't panic - there are things you can do to get extra cash to pay rent and avoid getting penalized by your landlord.

Saving for a Home Downpayment while Renting

There are several ways to start saving that are simple and practical. It’s all a matter of sticking by them long-term to see its results.

Housing Plans in the Philippines to Help Land Your Dream Home...

Know your options and take advantage of the opportunities to achieve the home of your dreams!


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Santa Rosa-Nuvali, Laguna

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Ayala Ferndale Homes, Quezon City

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Santa Rosa-Nuvali, Laguna

₱25,800,000 4 Beds 3Bath 335 sqm

Ayala Ferndale Homes, Quezon City

₱16,200,000 4 Beds 4Bath 213 sqm