Real Estate Tips

Real Estate Tips

The real estate industry is comprised of may different subindustries that contribute to its entirety. Expose yourself to different angles and tips that are usually overlooked when it comes to doing business with buyers, sellers and brokers.

Housing Plans in the Philippines to Help Land Your Dream Home...

Know your options and take advantage of the opportunities to achieve the home of your dreams!

Questions Home Buyers Should Ask Sellers Before Making an Offer

Asking the right questions will give you the right answers.

Essential Strategies for Moving In

Plan in advance and take note of these tips to make your move in more enjoyable.

Negotiation Strategies Home Buyers Should Know

With the right strategies and interpersonal skills, you score the best deal.

Tips for Choosing the Right Tenant for Your Rental Home

You must be a meticulous landlord to avoid headaches and frustrations.

Pursuing Your Home Goals with Action This Year

The key to achieving your goals this year rests in having a right mindset and a strategic plan of action.

Advantages of Attending a Property Seminar as a Buyer

By attending seminars, you can stay up to date with the latest important matters in real estate and build your network of contacts.

How to Save for a House Down Payment in One Year

Saving for a house down payment is a serious commitment

How to Negotiate for the Best House Price When Selling

Your goal is to sell your home at your set price or if not, the highest price possible.

Real Estate Financing: Hacks to Fund Your First Deal

Here are some hacks that can give prospective investors a lift up on to the property ladder.


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