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Marketing Tips for the Real Estate Industry

Before the Internet, word of mouth and paper advertisements were the only ways to market a business. In real estate, like many industries, online marketing has changed the game. You can now reach an exponential number of potential clients in a much shorter timeframe than was previously possible.

To take advantage of online marketing opportunities, it’s first necessary to understand why marketing is worth your time. Developing a real estate marketing plan helps build your company’s presence and credibility. By taking the time to assess your goals and analyze the competition, you can create a product that stands out from the rest, where leads flow to you effortlessly.

Rebrand as an Eco-Friendly Realtor

In today’s world, consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. Homes constructed using sustainable building materials or that feature smart thermostats, solar power, eco-friendly paint, or energy-efficient insulation, fly off the market far more quickly than their traditionally built counterparts.


Rebranding to focus on sustainable homes can help sellers fetch more offers and agents attract more potential clients. Sustainable homes simply sell faster. One green building company in the Philippines constructed 1,000 housing units powered by solar and boasting energy-efficient features; all units in the development sold out, and the company reported a 300% increase in sales.

Support Your Local Community

An excellent way to build up your local reputation as a real estate broker is to reinvest in your local community. Not only does this spread your name and boost your reputation, but it also benefits you and your business, since your community is where you live, work, and likely spend the majority of your time.


Support comes in many different forms, from volunteering at a senior center to running for public office to starting a community garden. In areas vulnerable to natural disasters, like the Philippines, investing in disaster preparedness and relief is also one way of giving back to your community. After all, as one real estate expert put it, “The successful real estate agent not only advocates for their clients, but as an engaged member of the town, benefits all residents by making their city a better place to live, work, play and invest.”

Pivoting & Retargeting

There may come a time when you realize you’re pursuing the wrong demographic. Or perhaps your listings garner interest but just aren’t securing the return on investment you were looking for. These are all clues it’s time to adjust your marketing strategy, whether that means pivoting to target a new audience or retargeting to capture those who have visited your site but haven’t taken any action.


Strong data analytics are necessary to identify the best solution for your company. Retargeting ads can be used to engage first-time site visitors and promote new products and services. They can be placed on any channel, from search engines to social media to email campaigns. Constant evaluation and adjustment are good ways of staying on top of your retargeting campaigns and ensuring the returns make retargeting your audience worth your while financially.

Bring Back the Human Touch

All sales boil down to one thing: human connection. While exploring new, tech-savvy ways of marketing your brand, it’s important to remember the basics. Using the best aspects of traditional marketing can help grow your brand in a constantly changing world.


As a real estate agent, you’re selling an idea, not a house. Your job is to understand and meet the unique needs of your clients. In addition to general advertising, you should add a personal touch to your service. By conducting in-office meetings rather than virtual meetings, writing a handwritten letter rather than an email, and staying in touch with past clients, you develop a personal bond that competitors will be hard-pressed to break.

Photo, Video, & Social Media

It’s become increasingly commonplace for potential homebuyers to scout properties on social media. The millennial generation is especially keen on viewing high-quality photos and videos of a property before they’re liable to directly express interest. Some experts even estimate that online video can be up to 600% more effective than both print and mail combined, making it a marketing strategy you don’t want to dismiss.


Not taking advantage of social media is one of the biggest real estate mistakes to avoid. When properly employed, social media is a vital part of boosting your brand and growing your network within the real estate industry. High-quality images, interactive live streams, and testimonials can help establish and maintain a strong brand presence.

Final Thoughts

Marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. Through social media, networking, and online postings, you can grow your brand while selling houses like never before. The trick to low-cost marketing in the real estate industry is knowing your audience and showing your credibility at face value. Provided you’ve made efficient use of the above marketing strategies, the rest will easily fall into place.


By Ainsley Lawrence

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