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Feng Shui Secrets to Sell Your Home

Feng shui is an ancient art of energy flow. It is deeply rooted in nature to which the main goal is to achieve balance and harmony with the environment. It has many practical uses including selling your home. Knowing how to utilize this art form in the process can spare you time, money, and effort. It uses grounded analysis to make your home more inviting to prospects.

Let’s start with the basics. De-clutter, repair, and organize whatever needs to be de-cluttered, repaired or organized. It is no secret but most sellers forget these basic tasks. To attract positive energy to your home, it must first go through thorough “cleansing”. Restore it to its prime form.

  • Do a little garage sale to remove unused items which constitute to stale energy. Completely strip your home with unnecessary clutter. This includes personal toiletries and your laundry. An organized and clean home leaves a good impression on your buyers.
  • Repair cracks and holes. It is believed that these suck out good luck in your home. Call your local handyman and have a full proofing of any damages acquired through the years. Repaint chipped walls and tighten loose doorknobs. Go as far as filling in the holes on walls where your frames used to hang. Remember that these minor flaws could make or break your sale.
  • Everything has to have its place. The bedroom should not have any remnants of work or school. It will only contrast against the ideal vibe of the room. If it is unavoidable to share different activities in a room, properly segment the area.

Now that your house is clean, it is time to bring in a little extra positivity. To maximize the effectiveness of feng shui, experts suggest that you invest objects that attract and induce energy flow.

  • Greens bring in vibrant energy. Have your welcome plants trimmed and your grass mowed. If you don’t have enough space for a garden, visit Cartimar and shop for potted plants. Place them in your entryway or your mudroom to greet prospects a warm hello. Ornamental plants will also lighten up dead corners.
  • Moving water is essential in feng shui. It signifies the flow of money in your home. Strategically place a small fountain where most of your interactions will be done. Mirrors work as well for this function.
  • Art creates a layer to the atmosphere in your home. A small intricate sculpture at the center of the table can serve as your focal point. Paintings of Philippine landscapes bring warmth in the dining area. An abstract installation could put in dynamism on boring hallways.
  • Stage furniture to promote good traffic of energy. Provide enough space for furniture to breathe life into a room and not just to fill in the gaps. Have chairs face each other rather than lined up along the wall. Use lighting to create paths and to bring in energy.

Half of the equation for good feng shui rely on human interaction. What people do and feel in the sales process seals the deal. These final steps will basically depend on you, the seller.

  • Meditate. Your internal energy manifests in your home. Through meditation, you can clear all the negative and spread positive chi. Go to every room and express your appreciation to all the memories it had brought you—the good and the bad.
  • Reflect. Be certain of your intentions of selling the house. Your apprehensions can be a roadblock in attracting possible buyers. It can happen in an unconscious level and can manifest in different ways. Understand your choice clearly and address underlying concerns right away.
  • Unify. Direct marketing, physical environment, and interactions towards a unified energy. You are not only selling the house, but also a lifestyle. Embrace the whole course of the sale and have it all in one package.

In the end, remember that feng shui won’t sell your home alone. Experts admit that the right pricing, agent, and marketing remain the main aspects that sell a home. It is merely a complementary practice to enhance the general ambiance and increase your chances of a sale. Nonetheless, it can be a powerful complement in achieving a sale.

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