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What Is A Real Estate Marketing Plan?

In its essence, a real estate plan is a form of guide that tells realtors and businessmen how to promote their business. It basically tells them what it is they have to do, how they are going to it, and who will handle which promotional activities.

Having a proper and well-thought-out marketing plan can pave the way for success in this cut-throat industry. It’s also the primary way to generate quality leads.

In this post, Cash for Homes Arizona tells you how you can create a promising real estate plan.

Why Should We Create a Real Estate Business Plan?

As an investor, there are two core ingredients for generating quality leads – credibility and presence. This is precisely what a real estate marketing plan establishes.

A marketing presence spreads the word to the general public about the business. The second, which is credibility, establishes trust and builds relationships with the general public.

As an investor, it’s important for you to think about your business goals before you draft a marketing or business plan. If you want your marketing plans in any business to be successful, drafting a plan is a must. The same applies to the business of real estate.

A marketing plan also brings a sense of clarity of goals. You are better able to understand what it is you want your business to do and how you expect it to perform.

How to Create Real Estate Marketing Plan

Identify Your Overall Objectives & Goals

You must think about your USP aka Unique Selling Proposition. It should tell you apart from your competitors. Your USP serves as the foundation for all your efforts.

You can think of it as your core value or message. Make sure that it’s something which customers can resonate with. Summarize your main message/USP under a tagline, value proposition, and selling points.

It’s also important that all your business goals are clearly established. This is important to create a roadmap for future success. It also acts as a compass to show you the right direction to move in when you feel lost or confused.

A well-defined marketing strategy will help you get one-step closer to your goals. But, make sure that you’re not overly ambitious. Your goals should encourage you to get going. But, if you get too ambitious, it could severely discourage you from taking any action or making any progress. This mostly happens when you’re unable to attain goals.


Analyze Market Competition

Every marketing plan should have one section that talks about competitors in the industry. It’s good to take a good, hard look at what your competitors are doing and how they are taking their marketing plan. See whether or not their efforts are paying off. Look into the things that are working for them and the things that aren’t.

Competitor analysis also tells you the things that would never work because they have little chance of success. The idea is to avoid recreating the circle of mistakes by learning from other people’s mistakes.


Create a Website

Having a website is no longer an option if you want to be successful in the real estate business. People today like to research before making even the tiniest of purchases.

It’s natural that they do a ton of research with their real estate decisions. They like to check out the street view and property photos on Google Map to get a feel of the area. They also like to know what all amenities are available within walking distance.

Make sure that your site is filled with property images, street videos, great photos and also offers virtual tours. Keep the navigation clean and ensure that the photos are high-quality. List all the hottest attractions near the property along with their walking distances.

You could also mention nearby spots like Starbucks. It’s important that each listing offers each redirection to Google Earth and Google Maps.


Create Content that helps to Capture Leads

You could consider writing books like ‘A beginner’s guide to buying a home or investing in real estate. You could also write something along the lines of ‘most valuable things to look for in a home’.

Offer these books in exchange for the user’s contact information. This is one of the finest ways to capture quality leads.

You could also conduct quizzes and giveaways. Before revealing the results you could ask for an email address, zip code, etc. Another way is to lock some high-quality blogs and ask for user information before revealing the full post.


Add Social Sharing To Property Pages

Prospective home buyers like to share property images with their friends and families to seek their opinion on the property.

Therefore, it is necessary that all your website and Google listings come with a social sharing option for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Identify Your Core Lead Gen Channels

The thing about lead generation platforms is that most of them are the same for different industries. It’s because of the similarity in the sales process and the way customer research happens online. Therefore. you must put some efforts into recognizing the best lead generation channels.

Other than using common led gen platforms, you could also dabble into outdoor advertising, client referrals, paid social advertisements, and local events.

To avoid costly mistakes, it’s good to check out what is working well for competitors. Good thing is, you can use tons of tools to perform competitor research. One such tool is SimilarWeb that should tell you about the most promising lead gen channels for real estate online.


Bottom Line

Having a real estate marketing plan is crucial. It helps make sense of things when nothing seems to be going well. It tells you in which direction to move during bleak times.


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