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Smart Tips for a Successful Online Property Searches

Searching properties is now more convenient because of the Internet. It is now easy to search for your dream home because real estate companies have been utilizing the power of social media platforms and other online channels to lure potential clients. 

Data shows that the majority of prospective buyers would first view an investment before setting an appointment to visit it. With the help of real estate online platforms, you can easily access and check the features of properties. Of course, the final assessment will be the actual visit to make sure that it is ‘the one.’ 

However, with convenience comes greater competition to get the best property. This means you have to be smart and savvy to stay ahead of your rival buyers by narrowing down your options and booking a visitation as soon as possible. 


Here are some strategies you can do for  more efficient and smarter online searching:

Visit reliable property search sites

Check out reputable real estate listing websites with a steady reputation in the industry. Search local sites with active listings like Hoppler. We have live chat agents who will guide you in your quest to your dream property. The site is constantly updated, so it’s a great idea to check the list regularly to find out if there are fresh properties on sale. You can even register and receive notifications if there are new listings that suit your requirements. 

Use unique, specific keywords

Be specific by typing the terms related to the property you are searching for. For example, you can type in “a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom townhouse in Pasig City, NCR”. This will eliminate a lot of unrelated properties in your Google search. The minus (-) operator, which is rarely used, removes a lot of unwanted search results. It is equivalent to the command NOT and works to refine your listing search. For exact phrases, utilize the power of quotation marks.

Set your parameters

You need to set a budget and how far you can go. The budget will help you come across as a serious buyer instead of just a casual looker of properties. When you know your budget, it empowers you to make an offer to acquire your dream property. And you know that when you really want to have it, you will do what you can to get the property, even if it entails making a loan. However, it is wise to buy a property that you can afford and will not cause you sleepless nights in the future because of payment obligations.

List your priorities and other deal-breakers

Write your list of criteria such as the location, size of the house and lot, number of bedrooms and baths, age of the property, style (townhouse, condo, single-family, duplex), and the maximum amount that you can pay. During your online searching, enter these items to refine your options. You may also add some features you want like a pool, basement, central air conditioning system, water view, or handicap accessible. 

There are also unique, attractive, and interesting features that become deal breakers. They count a lot when you are making a decision about a long-term investment like a home property. You should have room for flexibility. This will prevent you from allowing a good investment to slip away just because it does not have the modern fixture you want, or it is a bit outdated. Perhaps a renovation or an attachment construction will do the trick and boost the property’s value. 

Expand your options

Go beyond searching for a PHP 1 million 1,500 square foot, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house. You might see properties with four bedrooms or 2,000 square feet for a lower price of P950,000. To get the most of the listings, expand your searches and ranges to find better options.

Take advantage of the digital tools

Explore the new technologies that allow 3D virtual tours to see the different sections of the property. There are also apps that let you stage your preferred furniture and home accessories, giving you a feel of the space even before your actual tour of the place. 

Check the developing progress and potential of the neighborhood

Nowadays, it is much easier to know the places of interest in every location as well as their future developments. Learn as much as you can about the neighborhood to understand the area and its people. Find out the recreational and social areas, historical sites, local attractions, and activities. Location is always a major consideration when picking a property. 

Whether you want a private location or a place that is near retail stores, schools, hospitals, and other amenities, your location will be a major factor in the potential appreciation of the property. Check out the neighborhood’s crime rate, home value trends, population demographics, cost of living, weather, and average income levels. The more familiar you are about the locations, the better will be your choice during the final selection. 

Know how long the house is on the market

Some nice properties stay on the market for some reasons, not because there is something wrong with it. The location is a big factor. Many buyers tend to acquire properties in a more commercial or populated area rather than a smaller suburban town. More often, the price of the property changes as it stays longer in the listing. Always check the history of its price and the rate of the markdown. See if the property fits your criteria perfectly or if you can get it at a much lesser cost. 

Check the real estate agent listing the property

Another crucial factor to consider is to find if the agent who listed the property is a professional or a novice. Check references and read reviews about his or her performance and rating. Look for other houses that the agent has listed to know his experience in selling properties in certain price ranges or what you want is out of his usual range. Finding a real estate agent online is now easy by typing ‘Find a Realtor’ near your area. You can easily review the years of experience, interests, biography, profile, and more. Make sure to compare all the best options and take your time before moving forward.

Get professional advice from your own realtor

If you already have a realtor, you can ask him/her to check if the property is a good investment or if the price is reasonable. A professional agent has a good eye for certain properties, which can help you review the features and other pertinent factors. Moreover, you can get a buyer’s agent to help you during your visit or during the price negotiation so you can get a fair deal. 

Ask your agent about the previous owner, when it is built, what are the possible quirks and issues that you may encounter, and other things that are going on with the local neighborhood. All these details are vital because they can impact the future value of the house and your final decision.

 Ask your agent about exclusive listings

Some property listings are exclusive to certain real estate agents. They are not accessible online for viewing and are treated as ‘exclusive’ or ‘private’ listings for the time being. It means that some agents do not enter them into the MLS but market the properties to other agents in the locality. There is a standing agreement that they can market it privately with their roster of clients for about 2 to 4 weeks. 

More often, the properties are considered hot items that are sold within the exclusive period. Hence, it is important to ask about these private listings from a trusted agent to help you find a remarkable investment. 

Look for foreclosed properties in the area

Keep your eye on recent foreclosures that can impact the price of the available homes in the location you like. If you happen to buy property before the others are foreclosed, you may end up paying more than for the property. 

Factor the expected property taxes

Property taxes should be one of your considerations, along with the association fees. Know that if you are aiming for any construction plan in the interior of the house, this will increase your taxes. 

Set the actual tour

The final step is always walking through the property and going through each room. Actual visitation will give you the ‘vibe’ if it really matches your specifications, such as sizes of the rooms, storage areas, and systems like heating, water, and air conditioning. 


Buying a home is a major life decision that requires planning and a lot of research online. It also involves a lot of emotions, so make sure to be more objective during your searching by having a plan that serves as your guide during the property quest. Use online tools and resources to help you weigh your expectations and learn the real estate markets. Contextualize every option and be objective. 


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