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Garage vs. Carport – Pros, Cons, Costs and More

Garage and Carports are two structures that share a lot of similarities and a lot of differences as well. Both offer protection to your vehicle and both double down as workspace. But, what are the aspects where they differ? And, which of these structures make more sense to build?

In this post by Steel and Stud, we look at the pros and cons of each structure, most of how it might cost to build them in the Philippines, and which one makes more sense.


The Appearance Of Your Property

The first point of difference between a garage and a carport is how it works with your home’s appearance. If you’re sure of how you want your home to look after the final touches, it’ll get easier for you to pick one. 

The thing is – carports are made out of Metal mostly. You can cover them either with a metal roof or a fabric. These are standalone entities that are mostly detached from the home. At least one of the sides of a carport is open. 

A garage, on the other hand, is an enclosed structure with four walls and a roof. You can either create it as a freestanding unit or have it right next to your house. If you’re very particular about the looks of your house, then a garage is probably going to be the better option out of two.

Storage Requirements

If you have a lot of items such as lawnmowers and other tools to store, then a garage is a better option. Because it’s fully enclosed, it can better protect your belongings from theft, burglary, harsh weather, and even your car. You can lock your garage and access it from within your house. Because of that, these units often double down as a living space. 

Moving on to carports, they are not as protective as a garage and they don’t serve well as living areas. But, they do offer sufficient protection to your car from snow and rain. It’s better if you don’t use your belongings for storing anything else beneath the carport as there’s not much security underneath it.


Installation Time Frame

When compared to garages, carports are quite easy to install. Even the most difficult kits could easily be completed in a matter of hours. Most of the time it’s a one-man job. From a reputable manufacturer, the instructions are mostly clear and easy.

There can be times when a design is rather complex. For such cases, you can always work with a company professional. A typical carport installation requires a concrete slab that you place on a leveled ground. Since you don’t have to put together any windows or doors, the installation is much quicker than a garage.

Moving on to installation time for garages, because they have doors and walls it can take anywhere between days to weeks to finish the installation. A lot of factors go into deciding this time frame such as specific needs, interior finish, etc.


Total Cost Of Construction 

In the Philippines, a typical 6-meter x 6-meter carport of steel body built with a concrete frame and tiled flooring can run anywhere between 72,000 – 85, 000 pesos. There can be times when a carport may be a little costlier than that. However, you must go for one as it offers protection from harsh weather.

Even if it might be a bit costly, your vehicle needs protection provided by a well-built carport. Plus, it offers added property value. 

Let’s talk about garages now. In the Philippines, an average-sized garage made of steel including foundation should cost you around 840, 000 pesos. On the other hand, a prefab garage should cost between 100, 000 – 280, 000 pesos. That’s a huge difference! 

Security and Protection

As mentioned already, carpets can keep most of your car well protected. It’s ideal for protection from the harshest elements such as hail, snow, storm, rain, hot sun, etc. But, due to the absence of a door and walls – they are not ideal for protection from theft. 

Additionally, if the structure is open on all sides and if you live in cold climates, then you may still need to deal with issues such as heavy snowfalls. 

That’s why if you’re big on security, go for a garage. It offers protection from theft, burglary, weather conditions, etc. it also doubles down as 


Pros and Cons of Garage and Carports

Both of these structures carry their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at each of those in detail –

Pros of a Carport

  • Has excellent DIY potential
  • Installation time is less
  • The cost of installation is less when compared to the cost of installation of a garage
  • Doubles down as other structures such as outdoor work area and patio cover
  • Mostly there are no permits required; complies with most building codes in the Philippines

Cons of a Carport

  • It doesn’t add a lot of value to curb appeal and overall property value
  • Offers little to no protection from vandalism and theft
  • Cannot be converted into a living space

Pros of a Garage

  • Excellent protection from theft and weather elements
  • Doubles down as both workspace and living area
  • Adds a lot of value to a property’s real estate worth
  • Adds to the home’s storage space

 Cons of a Garage

  • Getting the permit may take a lot of time
  • Building codes tend to be stricter
  • Mostly costly to build than a carport
  • Takes a lot of maintenance much like any other part of the house


Bottom Line

In the end, each homeowner has to decide for himself which structure makes more sense. Other than the budget you should also think about the desired curb appeal, resale value, personal requirements, and whether or not you plan on selling the house soon.


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