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Quick Start Guide on How to Network in Real Estate

Networking is crucial for any profession, and in real estate, it is essential to get in the
swing of things and mingle in your industry. With that being said, networking is also a
strategic decision that can lead to immense growth when applied correctly.

In an industry like real estate, networking is an essential commodity because it exposes you to different types of people and business opportunities. Expanding your network could result in new business opportunities and meeting new potential clients or associates.

At times, you need someone like-minded to bounce ideas with and share challenges, which is why networking is important. If you are a little shy or unsure where to begin, here is a quick guide to get you off the ground in six easy steps.

1. Do your research

Proper research is important in being able to initiate and sustain a good conversation
with another person whom you might meet. First impressions last, and making a good one is a good move on your part.

You should always be informed and knowledgeable about the topic of real estate, and
you can keep in touch with the news and stay abreast of trends. Besides being able to
spark conversation, conducting good research also enhances your chances of discovering relevant networking opportunities.

There are many types of publications and online resources, where you can improve
your real estate knowledge. A good connect with someone can stem from an interesting
piece of information you have just discovered instead of small talk.

It is also important to develop a good ear for listening and asking questions that are
relevant and honest.

2. Walk the talk 

Practice what you know and always make time to learn a new skill in the industry with
every unique opportunity that comes long. The best teacher is experienced, and in the
real estate industry, know what you are doing gives you a leg up.

If you are considering a new way of working or trying out a new method of selling, it is
best to implement it to see if it works. Being able to find practical solutions allows you to
engage in topics with confidence, and if someone takes your advice, you become more

Real estate is an industry that is entirely hands-on, so researching any actions or strategy allows you to gain a good idea of how to do something. As you walk towards your goals, you may consider assignment help to remain up to date with your studies.

3. Always look for grounds to relate

People with interests similar to yours are not always in competition. In fact, they may be
able to assist you in bettering your business. Another method is seeking a mentor in real estate to guide you through certain challenges.

Seeking mentorship is an excellent way to gain information usually gained through years of experience. It also becomes easier to deal with clients who have particular needs and require someone with specialized knowledge to assist them.

Finding a mentor is easier than we tend to think; it is surprising to know that in every
industry, someone is willing to share their experiences and knowledge.

Besides, making meaningful connections gives you a leg up because may resources quickly become available to you. The best way to find these people is to continue to network with more and more people in different settings.

4. Try something new

Networking is all about taking your career to the next level; therefore, you should not be
afraid to try something new. This could mean going to different areas to meet new people or signing up for an unconventional seminar or workshop.

Perhaps, you are working on your Masters and need thesis help, so it might help to understand how real estate works in different areas. You can tap into different types of
networking events by joining online networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn groups to get a good mix of networking opportunities.

Social media remains an excellent way to connect with new people and groups because
most real estate companies have an active social media presence. So, be sure to keep your up to date too.

5. Stay connected

The reason why networking can seem like such a corny idea is that people rarely follow
up on a new connection. However, having the etiquette to follow up with a person with
whom you shared contact details with makes a good impression.

You never know who might change your journey for the better thus, you need to make it a point to extend on your first impression with a second one. You can also connect with people on social media to get a good idea of their work and on which levels you can connect. Social media also helps you to understand if you and the person you meet truly share common goals, and if pursuing a connection is worthwhile.

6. Be proactive

You are probably in real estate because you value a sense of independence, and, of course, you love property! Be the first to reach out to people you are interested in, even if you hesitate or are afraid of coming across as ‘desperate.’

Taking the first leap is always good. You can also find charity groups that may specialize in housing to volunteer with. In addition, as you meet, people strike up meaningful conversations to gain more knowledge and perhaps share some of your own experiences.


If you are looking to become inspired in your career, then networking is something you
ought to seriously consider. Once you become good at it, it becomes easier to understand how the industry works and how you can be more efficient. As you network, keep an open mind and focus on how each step you take adds incredible value to your career trajectory.

Author Bio
Kurt Walker is a London based writer, editor and proofreader having more than 3 years
of experience. His areas of interest include people development, business management
and latest technologies. His current assignment is with Easyessay.org where he’s a
senior academic writer.

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