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Hoppler Now Specializes in San Juan Real Estate


Whether you are a buyer or a seller of real estate, the name Hoppler will definitely ring a bell to you. The website and app aims to be your favorite and go-to place on anything about properties.

With Hoppler’s initiative to bring a fully online real estate network and brokerage company in the Philippines that you can rely on (which is also a first of its kind), people can now conveniently list and check out properties anywhere and anytime.

The platform got even better, as we have gone another amazing mile and now specializing in San Juan area! If you are interested in this city as a housing location, this is excellent news for you.

Why San Juan Is An Ideal Location

Well-known to be a very progressive and lively city, San Juan has a lot to take pride in. For starters, it has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The popular Basaan or Wattah Wattah Festival would always be one of the firsts in mind whenever the city is being talked about. It is their fun and enthralling annual celebration of the feast day of its patron saint, St. John the Baptist.

Being the heart of Manila’s urban complex with border cities Quezon City, Mandaluyong City and City of Manila is actually one of its advantages. It makes the city a great and strategic location as it gives San Juan residents ease of access to the North and South of the metro. This means it’s an ideal place not just as a weekday residence but also a permanent family residence where you can easily reach your loved ones in Metro Manila. Looking at the topography, San Juan also rests on a higher plane than other metro areas.

Homeowners will also find peace, knowing that the city’s crime rates are reportedly very low and the traffic congestion is not tagged to be problematic.

Despite having a geographically petite size, it isn’t short of places of interest. Business districts, key government offices, prominent schools such as La Salle Greenhills, hospitals like the Cardinal Santos Medical Center, and well-loved commercial and lifestyle establishments such as the Christmas favorite bargain place Greenhills Shopping Center are all just a few minutes walk or drive away.

It’s also worth noting that foodie residents are blessed to have the city as a food haven. Great and top-rated restaurants and cafes flocked in the area, left and right. It’s easy to find a good place to satisfy one’s cravings for food.

The balanced, healthy, and joyful life you dreamt of for your family in the middle of the bustling metropolitan is within reach in San Juan. But on top of all of that, aspiring home buyers will feel secured in the fact that real estate prices in this city are seen as very stable for the past 30 years or more.


Why Check Out Hoppler For San Juan Real Estate

Aside from Hoppler’s helpful and straightforward guide on properties plus a comprehensive database of high quality real estate listings, it has the largest network of professional brokers.

And now that they chose San Juan as a place of specialization, an expert in the area recently hopped on board with them! She is no other than Hoppler’s Sales Director, Sheena Leyble.

There is no doubt that she can help you in finding your dream home in San Juan. Sheena has been in the real estate industry for more than a decade now. She has worked with SM Development Corporation and handled International Territories as an Associate Sales Director III for 5 years.

She is a San Juan resident and investor herself, so you’ll have exclusive tips and information from her first-hand experiences in the area. Whether you are an individual or a family looking for a new home, her expertise will guide you in choosing properties that fulfill your needs.

She does her due diligence at properties, walk you through the entire process of choosing a home, and give valuable advice while taking into consideration the specific requirements of the buyer, their loved ones, and all other investment factors that play vital roles in the purchase.

To give you a tease of the insights that she can share, she begins by telling that San Juan really stands out as a city to get a property or home. “Because it is in the heart of Metro Manila, there is lower property value compared to the [ones in the] business districts, but it is very near to [them],” she remarks. “There is easy access to go to and from to the North.”

Property or home hunting has become so much easier especially now that you know an expert in the area. Inquiring is surely hullabaloo-free as you can directly point out your concerns and needs to Sheena.

Check out Hoppler’s listings of San Juan properties, enjoy user-friendly virtual tours, and ask Sheena your queries away with just a few clicks.

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