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A Modern Tropical Weekend House Outside the City

Experience an escapade as you have never felt before in this modern tropical weekend house in Aurora.  

AAI Design Office is an interdisciplinary group of design specialists with combined experience ranging from site master planning to architectural design, and interior design.

Anas Weekend House is located in Dipaculao, Aurora and has a building footprint of 184.62 sqm situated in a 430.60 sqm property surrounded by palm trees.

A straightforward “L” shape formed by 2 masses perpendicular were joined together to create a space for entertaining guests and a landscaped garden fronting the lot. 

Detailed use of common building materials

The entire look is streamlined to eliminate unnecessary elements. Polished concrete walls are used as a design element to create contrast with its white walls and glass façade. This is topped with Palochina wood eaves, sanded, and stained to harmoniously blend the materials with each other. 

Soothe in natural lighting

Finished with concrete tiles and white walls, the open plan with a living area has a double height ceiling where a floor to ceiling window is strategically located to inject diffused natural lighting within the space. 

Ample space for bonding

Consistent to the house’s design and efficiency, the white walls and crafted cabinets are present in the kitchen area. There is enough space for bonding with guests and other activities. 


Finding the elegance in its rawness

The cabinets are meticulously crafted with curated marine plywood, stained, and sealed to achieve a desired color, maintaining its simplicity but highlighting craftsmanship without sacrificing the design intention. 

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