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Hoppler’s Exclusive Partner Program – Re/Max Prime

With the Philippines under a strict quarantine in March through May, we delayed a number of announcements.  In our efforts to work closer with more trusted, reputable brokerage firms in Metro Manila, we launched our Exclusive Partner Program.

We’re pleased to announce that Re/Max Prime is our inaugural partner in this exclusive program.

Re/Max Prime, led by their President, Paolo Villavicencio, continues to serve its communities as one of the top realtors in the Alabang and Paranaque areas.  Mr. Villavicencio leads a team of 15 highly skilled individuals, experienced in real estate sales and consultancy.

Hoppler’s Exclusive Partner Program focuses on our partner’s strengths in real estate sales and complements it with Hoppler’s extensive marketing reach.

The program allows for our exclusive partners to work with Hoppler in the following capacity:

  • Receive our premium, qualified leads from affluent buyers in Metro Manila.  The leads are given directly to our partner’s team in trust.
  • Access into Hoppler’s entire internal database of 30,000+ listings to offer to our partner’s clients.
  • Complimentary usage of our deal management software, Kumita, to manage all their clients and listings on the cloud, including generating contracts through their phone.
  • Dedicate marketing spend for our partner’s “direct to property owner” listings.
  • Usage of our office facilities in Makati for meetings, contract signings, etc.

In partnering with an esteemed firm as Re/Max Prime, Hoppler benefits from the experience that Mr. Villavicencio and his team employs day in, and day out.

  • High standards of service in real estate that earns the loyalty of their clients.
  • A decade of experience in navigating across the laws and regulations in purchasing property.
  • Inherent knowledge of Alabang and Paranaque as many of their team members reside in the area.
  • Advisory role in guiding expansion across the south of Makati.
  • Usage of their facilities in Alabang for meetings, contract signings, etc.

Re/Max Prime and Hoppler have enjoyed the benefits of this partnership for the past 4+ months.  To date, despite Metro Manila’s lockdown, Hoppler has supplied Re/Max Prime with almost 400 potential buyers and renters of real estate.

In less than 3 weeks, and prior to Metro Manila shutting down due to the Coronavirus, Re/Max Prime was already able to secure 2 deals.  As quarantine restrictions begin to relax now, many more deals as a result of our partnership remain on the horizon.

As Hoppler continues to expand across Metro Manila, partnering with Mr. Villavicencio and his team was an easy decision.  We look forward to a bright future growing both of our businesses together.


Want to be in Hoppler’s Exclusive Partner Program? Contact Us today!


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