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Live Video Viewings with Hoppler & Gavl

In trying times, companies must react quickly to adapt to ever-changing market conditions.  With the coronavirus here to stay for the foreseeable future, the real estate sector has been forced to adjust to the limitations of less contact with clients.

Hoppler has responded to these conditions with finding new ways to get the job done online.

Enter Gavl (www.gavl.com.au), a global, leading provider of livestream software solutions for the real estate sector.  We are pleased to announce that Hoppler has integrated Gavl’s full suite of online real estate tools and services, in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Hoppler will be utilizing Gavl’s live online video viewing services.  Instead of visiting a number of properties in person, clients will now have the option to request from Hoppler brokers, a live video viewing session.

The timing was impeccable for this new and exciting partnership with Gavl. In speaking with Gavl CEO, Joel Smith, the thoughts on benefits and opportunities for the real estate sector is mutually shared:

We were keen to expand into the Philippines, but not until we found the right launch partner in Hoppler. Hoppler is a young, forward thinking and progressive company that recognizes the need to do things more efficiently and safer in the current climate.

In a time when engaging prospects and getting them through viewings is nigh on impossible, agents are moving to live streamed viewings. Agents can interact with viewers via chat in real-time and qualify prospects by knowing exactly who is tuning in. This effectively gives the agent the ability to engage and build relationships as they would normally do in person, just on a digital channel.

I feel this is a real step forward for Hoppler, it is another example of new technology, embraced by a leading agency having a positive effect on buyers and sellers.

In relation to the live video viewing, the procedures are simple.  Interested in a property?  Inquire at www.hoppler.com.ph.  Speak to your assigned Hoppler broker.  Request for a live video viewing.  Your broker will schedule it with the property owner.

Then, your broker will send you a link (just like Zoom).  You click on the link at the scheduled time.  Your browser pops up on your laptop or phone.  And that’s it, you’re ready to watch your broker take you through the entire property.

There’s more, if you have any questions during the live video viewing, you’ll be able to type those questions out in a chat screen on your phone or laptop.  Your broker will see those questions real time, and will answer them on the spot.

In addition to live video viewings for individual clients, Hoppler will start to promote online open houses.  We will announce live video viewings on Facebook and Instagram. Anyone will be allowed to join and view the property.

Another option, if you happen to be interested in a property on the Hoppler website, and a live video viewing has already been scheduled, simply click on the live video viewing button.

If you’re interested in the property, simply contact the Hoppler broker who conducted the live video viewing session.

We’re excited to have Gavl as a partner, continuing our movement to provide safe and sound online solutions for the real estate sector during these challenging, but opportune times.

If you’re interested in a property and would like to request a live viewing, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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