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5 Reasons Why You Should Look At Townhouses For A Home Investment


In a long list of dreams and reasons why almost all Filipinos work hard, to have and own a house always goes on the top. And since housing, especially here in the Philippines, doesn’t come at bargain-basement prices, this purchase is something we would really save up for and take many things into consideration. Surely, we tend to look for a place where we will get a bang for our buck among abundant residence options.

As you all probably know, top housing choices include condominiums, houses and lots, and townhouses. In this guide, you will get a better perspective on why deciding on a townhouse is the ideal choice for your dream abode.

1. Townhouses give you more freedom in design and features.

Getting a townhouse means you get to bring all your Pinterest ideas to life and design your home interiors. On top of that, most townhouses offer modern and cutting edge features such as elevators in your multi-level house that will make it PWD-friendly, front- and backyard areas, hardwood floors, granite countertops, bigger spaces and plenty of rooms and more parking slots. Nowadays, you can also find solar-powered homes and e-Homes that make living and home supervision easier and more efficient in just a few clicks even if you are miles away from your house.

2. Privacy and security are your best amenities.

While townhouses may be short of or have different amenities than what usually comes with condominium offers, you can be sure that you will get the privacy and security that you want, given that these are homes in a gated community.  If you choose a detached home, you won’t be sharing walls with others.

After all, these are two of the most important things to consider when choosing a home. Peace of mind in where you live is something you wouldn’t like to skimp on!

3. You’ll enjoy fun and healthy community dynamics.

Are you someone who loves to mingle and socialize with friendly neighbors? Then, getting a townhouse is really for you. Since this residence type is situated in a community, you will enjoy the feeling of belongingness. Communities like this can build healthy relationships where families do outdoor activities together or are each other’s help and support in times of need.

4. It’s proven to be a good investment.

Townhouses are economical. Looking at some of the investment factors, the price of a townhouse is less expensive compared to other property types. Apart from that, the property is known to be low-maintenance since it may fall under a homeownership association who will share the responsibilities with you, unlike houses and lots. Weighing its pros and cons, it is feasible especially with a demand that will cater to homebuyers who are particular in the features they want in a home, those who want to live near the city but not exactly in it, and more. While there might not be a lot of townhouse options in prime locations, you will get the edge when it comes to capital appreciation.

5. It’s for buyers who are looking for a house now.

Townhouses have shorter construction periods which can be about 9-18 months. This is for a home buyer who is already decided, ready to move in, and wants a house as soon as possible.


Like many would say, a townhouse’s defining feature is its ownership. Townhouses are for people who are looking into growing a family, would opt for bigger spaces, and ready to be involved in actually owning a house. It may not be a practical choice for solo dwellers and young professionals who may also have little experience in keeping up a home. These are also for buyers who are ready to take on the responsibilities of owning a house.

At the end of the day, the property you’ll get will heavily be based on your preferences, budget, convenience, and personal lifestyle. Weigh the pros and cons while taking your situation now and in the long term into consideration.

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