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The Hoppler Mobile Application

iOS users looking for properties to purchase would be happy to know that the Hoppler application is already up and operating. This app is specifically made for iPads, but it’s also compatible with iPhone, iPod, and Mac that runs on iOS 10.0 or later. And just like any other iOS application, you can download the same through Apple Store and Mac Apple Store.

Yes, you can always use the website to browse these property listings. However, if you’re browsing through a mobile device, the website site couldn’t adjust to your device seamlessly, imposing restrictions on how you can view photos and read descriptions. This wouldn’t be the case with a dedicated app. With an app, user experience is given a premium. The app opens and operates seamlessly on a mobile device, so you don’t have to zoom in and zoom out when you browse for properties. Here are some of the salient features of the app. 


Browse anywhere 

With a mobile-compatible application, Hoppler customers can easily access their listings and get in touch with them. They need not bring their office to these customers, and the latter doesn’t have to meet with the realtors if they want to look at a specific property. All properties that are open for lease and sale are all in the highly optimized app. 

The new mobile app will serve as a hub that links prospective buyers with the agency and property seller. These listings come with a description along with a gallery of property photos that will make decision-making easy.  With a click of their finger, sellers can post their properties, and buyers can go over the same. Both the seller and buyer need not meet or move from one geographical location to another to close a deal. Everything happens in the app. They can buy, sell, or negotiate even if they are lazily lounging in their living room. 

Visibility of properties

The basics of online marketing would tell us to persuade a particular market to buy what you are selling; you have to make yourself visible first. This is very true for property owners wanting to sell their properties. They might struggle to find a platform that will make advertising their property easy for them. This is where the Hoppler mobile application comes in. 

They have to do it when they want to sell their property to get in touch with a realtor. The realtor will assist them in uploading the details of their properties in the app. Consequently, they made themselves and their property visible to their target audience. It’s easier to sell or lease your property this way because you know that the site visitors have one common goal in mind — list or buy properties. You don’t even have to build your own following just to get traction. Hoppler’s audience is enough for you to gather prospective property buyers. 

These site audiences are busy people who are using their devices even if they’re mobile. So, how does the Hoppler app keep up with their busy crowd? How do they interact and sell with an audience that is always on the go 24/7? Well, they walk, commute, and even work with them. The app is also present where these individuals spend most of their idle and waiting time.

Localized search 

The app has a filter feature that allows users to filter their property searches according to location, price, city, and building. With this feature, you don’t have to jump from one listing to another to find exactly what you’re looking for. All you have to do is choose the filters from the drop-down menu and click search. 

On top of that, every listing is complete with information like the building amenities, price, and availability. And because it’s integrated with Google maps, you can quickly locate it via Street View. You can also explore the neighboring areas to see where precisely the said property is situated. 

Convenience for all parties 

When you can be where your audience is than them getting to where you are, that’s the epitome of convenience. They need not break a  sweat to access your store or your site. With this app feature, your business will never be on the wrong side of the industry. 

The Hoppler application utilized mobile media placement strategies to make the app work efficiently. They understand what the market has in mind and why they think that way. Most of them think this way — ‘I don’t actually mind reading and going thru listings and ads as long as it’s not bothering me in what I have to do.’ 

The app is not flooded with apps. Hoppler understands that if they annoy property listers and buyers with many ads, they will leave the app because it will no longer be convenient for them. 

Hoppler understands that the principle behind advertising and product placement is that the user should be happy to interact with the brand. This is why they came up with interactive product placement tools which will advertise your brand and your message in such a way that the smartphone and tablet market will not only accept as informative but will enjoy interacting with. 

Clarity and focused goal

Hoppler believes to never confuse customers like you as confusion is the best conversion killer. They made their app simple, easy to understand, and easy to navigate. This is because they know that the more factors and information you ask your prospective clients to consider, the more chances they end up confused and immobilized to take action about the said information. 

As such, they outlined one clear objective for every page — to make the property sell. They also made this goal specific and quantifiable since they want every prospect to act positively. They also focus all their effort on the momentum building for conversion.  You see, they also write blogs with backlinks to their apps and sites to gather as much app traffic. The more people who get to see your property, the easier it would be to sell it. They direct their copies toward closing the deal by providing the audience with substantial and persuasive arguments to ensure an on-the-spot purchase. 


Next to confusion, lack of clarity is also one great conversion killer. If you bombard your app or product description with unnecessary information, you can easily disappoint your prospective buyer. Every single moment your prospective customer has to think harder to get your message and offer, the chances of getting skipped on gets higher. Like confusion, lack of clarity is off-putting. Chances are, your client moves on to your competitor. Hoppler understands this very well; that’s why they made their app straightforward to browse, navigate, and use.  

Designed to generate more leads

The Hoppler mobile app is specifically designed to encourage more and more buyers to make a purchase. This is a piece of welcome news to property listers. One of the advantages of using this app is the behavioral-based feature that shares useful and relevant information needed by the clients. This is very important in closing the sales and purchases. 

Easy to use listing templates

Another advantage the property listers can derive from this mobile app is its personalized and dynamic listing templates. These forms also include fields for property description, tags, and photos. All these can be easily personalized using the drag and drop feature of the software. For customers and frequent users, autocomplete is available to make it easier visually while still promoting lead conversion. 

Quick Lead Identification

Another benefit the users can take advantage of using this app is its capacity to identify website visitors better than its competitors. This feature is handy, especially for property listers that need to generate fresh leads for their properties. The visitors’ preferences and motivation for clicking can be identified by utilizing the software’s behavioral tracking capacity. Aside from identifying the leads, they can also be tracked and stored in the lead pipeline. 

How can the Hoppler app guarantee views?

Hoppler took mobile branding to heart with this app. With mobile branding, a brand and its message are placed where their market will see it. With the right branding strategies, views are guaranteed. There are tools that will prove to you how many people have accessed your listing and have interacted with you through the app. 

In their About Us page, Hoppler introduced themselves as a link between agents, property owners, and buyers. Indeed, they stayed true to this purpose by making their app beneficial, accessible, and straightforward to use for all parties involved. These people don’t need to allocate time in front of their computers just to add a listing, respond to a query, or even send a bid. Since everything is optimized for mobile devices, you can do all or any of these things even when you’re mobile. 

The app is already helping more property hunters own their dream homes and properties in their simplest form. It has also helped many agents and property owners earn from their sales. Soon, with more updates and added features, this app will indeed aim to do more. 


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