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Facts About Property Inheritance and Estate Tax Amnesty

The estate tax is very important because the properties or estate of the deceased cannot be transferred to the heirs without the payment of estate tax.

What Should Be Considered While Renting a House?

Becoming a landlord is a big risk and requires lots of work and knowledge in the field.

Startup Disruptive Technological Solutions to be Featured at 3rd Future Cities...

FCS will gather together startup companies to showcase their projects to an international roster of investors.

5 Resources Every Broker Should Have

Brokers are instrumental in furnishing information in regard to market conditions, prices, and products.

Hoppler Hops Back to the 90s for Christmas Celebration

Entertaining performances, gift-giving, and a special awarding were the highlights at Hoppler's Christmas party.

How to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodeling

You can be more flexible when you’ve already done the groundwork.

An Insight Into Coworking Spaces In Manila

As space managers realize you can customize an office to meet particular needs, the city is seeing diversity in the types of spaces that are cropping up.    

Trip to Taiwan Winner Announced at Hoppler Connects in Muntinlupa

Hoppler Connects returned to Muntinlupa to introduce the Partner Broker program to south-based brokers and award the Trip to Taiwan winner.

How to Buy Properties in the Philippines: A Guide for OFWs...

Are you an OFW who plan to buy a house or a real estate property in the Philippines? Get to know more about the steps and requirements here.

5 DIY Projects that Will Improve Your Home’s Value

Start building and sprucing up your home as soon as possible in these 5 ways!


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