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Hoppler Celebrates a Coachella-Inspired Christmas

Floral dresses, bandana headbands, and leather boots. Everyone was stylish in their Coachella outfits during the #HopplerFest2017.

List of Philippine Holidays in 2018

Mark your calendars, plan your holidays in advance, and ready your backpacks.

8 Stunning Cabins To Inspire You

From cute cabins in Canada, through to beach-front cabins in Norway, here are our top picks.

Hoppler Continues to #CheersToMoreDeals with Partner Brokers

Brokers gathered to learn new things about the Partner Broker program and to network and socialize with other real estate professionals.

Advantages of Attending a Property Seminar as a Buyer

By attending seminars, you can stay up to date with the latest important matters in real estate and build your network of contacts.

Secret Thoughts Interior Designers Have About Your Home – Revealed

Experienced interior designers blend natural good taste with a finger on the pulse of fashion. Ignore their advice at your peril!

Things Your House Needs to Prepare for a Storm

It always pays to be prepared and informed when calamities strike.

We Are Hiring!

Start building a solid career in real estate. Be part of the Hoppler team! For interested applicants, please send your updated resume to

Real Estate Financing: Hacks to Fund Your First Deal

Here are some hacks that can give prospective investors a lift up on to the property ladder.