9 Reasons Why You Should Move to BGC

9 reasons why you should move to bgc

Oh, Bonifacio Global City. It is full of people that know how to live life in the fast lane. They know how to cleverly juggle career and personal life. It is a skill you can actually make use of throughout your lifetime. What better way to learn it than to move to the city where you will learn about the ways on how to maximize and take advantage of urban living. Owning a home in BGC implies a lot of advantages.

 Here are 9 reasons why you should move to BGC:

  1. Food Places

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An artisan Italian pizza, fish and chips, and a low-calorie spaghetti Pomodoro, BGC houses upscale restaurants and hole-in-the-wall food spots where gastronomical surprises are served. Whether you are out on a date with your significant other or just on a lunch break, treats await you.

  1. Easy Shopping

From basic commodities to clothes and shoes to gadgets, BGC is where deluxe international boutiques and popular stores reside. You no longer have to worry about running out of necessities.

  1. Flood Free

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Most cities in the Philippines are located on sea level. BGC’s elevation is 111 ft. above the ground compared to the average 50 ft. of other areas in Metro Manila. Aside from that, it has an underground drainage detention structure that can contain 22 million liters of water.

  1. Endless Growth

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BGC is the home of passionate minds. People from different walks of life are welcome to stay. It is home to major companies you can be part of – opportunities everywhere! Just remember to bring your passion and motivation with you always.

  1. Leisure is at Hand

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Jog safely on the well-lit streets, saunter in the park, dine in first-class malls, or just read a book in one of the nearby cafés. You can do so much even at night. There are public artworks scattered around BGC that you could appreciate. Be inspired as you realize that a balanced life of work and play is promoted in the community.

  1. Eco-smart Transportation System

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Accessibility is one of the unspoken benefits when you move to BGC. Jeepneys are not allowed inside it; shuttle buses and electric tricycles are the transportation jewels of the community. These rides do not emit noise and smoke ensuring a calmer and cleaner environment.

  1. World-class Schools

Everyone should be properly prepared and equipped to make them globally competitive. BGC is where the best international schools and colleges are found. From multi-purpose halls to laboratories and academic curriculum to extracurricular activities, these educational institutions contribute to knowledge and character building.

  1. Exciting Events

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Some of the anticipated and popular fun runs, concerts, and social gatherings take place in BGC. Participate in one of these events and introduce yourself to familiar and new faces in your neighborhood. Many surprises await you when you transfer.

  1. Fun Nightlife

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BGC is popular because of the exclusive clubs where people gather to dance the stress of urban living away.

The perks of having a piece of BGC are innumerable. We encourage you to find out for yourself why life changes for the better when you transfer to it.

What do you love most about BGC? Share it with us in the comments section.

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