Be a Real Estate Blogger: Write with Hoppler Team

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We are looking for contributors who love to share their expertise and knowledge about the real estate industry to the world. Our blog is open to real estate professionals and freelance bloggers.

Here are the important guidelines that you should know:

We aim to provide information to help our readers make good decisions when it comes to real estate. Hoppler blog also serves as a venue for writers who like to share their expertise, experiences, and original content.


Tips Any advice or tips related to real estate buying, selling, renting or leasing, moving and relocation for consumers, sellers, buyers, and the like.
Industry News News related to Real Estate industry.
Professional Tips that are beneficial to professionals, agents, brokers.
City Guide Any topic featuring the latest neighborhood attraction or interesting information about your city.


  • Original work with at least 500 words in Microsoft Word format.
  • Should require minimal editing, particularly on grammar and punctuations.
  • If necessary, photos that describe the article, at least 600X400 pixels in size.
  • If necessary, additional images, presentation, PDFs, Videos, etc.
  • Profile picture and author bio with links to your blogs and social media accounts.
  • Google+ profile is highly encouraged.
  • Send article to marketing[at]


  • We support inline, deep links to articles (especially to our own blog posts), posts, and resources related to the article. However, we do not support keyword inline links to service, sales, or home pages.
  • All posts go through a plagiarism check before publishing.

Helpful Tips!

  • The article should have a clear focus and be structured for reading online.
  • If you will use photos that you didn’t take, you must have the permission of the owner; otherwise, just use free stock photos.
  • Aim to grab the attention of readers with an engaging introduction. If readers get hooked early, they will want to keep reading.
  • Engage readers with a compelling story, descriptive metaphor, or thought-provoking content. Don’t waste your precious time writing canned articles that you can find on article marketing sites all over the Internet.
  • Give credit to all sources, and keep in mind that all information must come from reputable sources. Linking to government resources and research studies has always been good.