46 Smart Room Divider Ideas For Tiny Spaces


Open plan home spaces tend to make you feel exposed and uncomfortable. There are many ways to separate rooms while still keeping the area open and spacious. Get creative with these 46 smart room divider ideas without taking up too much valuable space!

Here are 46 room divider design ideas for tiny spaces:

1. Trick the eyes. Play around your flooring contrast to define the different rooms in the house.

2. Put a little fun on your decor. Get an oversized headboard to open up your bedroom area while still partitioning it from the rest of the house.

3. Sleep like a king. Use curtains to separate your bedroom from the open plan spaces.

4. Lay down rugs to create distinction between rooms.

5. No time to declutter? Hide the unappealing elements in your bedroom by placing half-height walls.

6. Do not block the light! Pick up wood slats and create a vertical panel where air can pass through.

7. Huge fan of cars? Collect vintage license plates and stylishly hang them from the ceiling.

8. Cover unwanted eyesores in your home. Add fun and quirky folding room divider.

9. Exercise your green thumb. Grow some plants at home and they could just be what you need.

10. Small space? No problemo. Build narrow walls to turn one large room into two.

11. Create a scene. The wooden accent in the middle allows division of the living room and dining area.

12. Fond of taking photos? Hang them on your wall and make your collage the focal point of the room.

13. Make it simple. These two sheets of plywood are big enough to create division between the living room and dining hall.

14. Feeling awkward with your bedroom on full display? Install an oversized curved wall and have your guest forget about what’s hiding behind it.

15. Make a bold statement. Get creative with a paint job and you’ll be surprised by the results.

16. Function over style? Why choose one over the other when you can pick both! This pegboard divider can be used as an accessories rack.

17. Get crafty with these rustic wooden stick interior divider and you’ll always feel close to the beach.

18. Collect your grandfather’s vintage vinyl records, assemble them into a pony wall and jazz up your space!

19. Who says you can’t grow a garden in a tiny space? Vertically place plants on a wooden panel and enjoy the fresh air.

20. Shelves as a divider? Clever.

21. Chill in your bedroom with this patterned woven fabric divider.

22. Feeling artsy? Spice up your room with colorful floor sack curtains!

23. Knock knock! These connected doors in different pastel hues make a dainty divider.

24. Split the room in half by installing a floor-to-ceiling glass-paned partition. Classy!

25. Paint your wooden crate boxes, arrange them fashionably and use them as shelves. Congratulations! You just made yourself a dual-function room partition.

26.  Utilize lighting to define rooms. Cozy, right?

27. Go minimalist. Divide the room without blocking the passage of natural light through wood slats.

28. Surround yourself with books. Scholars will surely go gaga over these bookshelves used as partition.

29. See-through glasses are best for small areas just like this neatly framed glass panel wall.

30. Feeling exposed? Keep your bedroom intimate by this wooden divider.

31. Place a mirrored wall in the center to separate rooms while visually expanding the space. Smart!

32. No time to install mirrored walls? Buy foldable room divider with mirror panels!

33.  Make use of a platform to partition bedroom from the rest of the space.

34. Split the space without feeling confined. This tall framed glass does the job. 

35. Feeling Parisian? Use arches to add softness and warmth.

36. Save space! Headboards can be used as shelves and partition as well.

37. Customize your bookshelf into a fancy divider.

38. Create a little hallway using this freedom wall.

39. Keep it simple. The bed frame can serve as your room separator.

40. Hang a huge framed mirror from the ceiling and you will never have to worry about partitioning that open space again.

41. Maximize the space by using metal bar divider.

42. Enclose your bed space by hanging curtains around your bed.

43. Buy a shelf with intricate shape and complex patterns to dramatically separate rooms.

44. Revamp your Venetian blinds and get yourself a laidback divider.

45. Tall tables make good partitions, too!

46. Add sparkling lights on your room through this easy DIY project.

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