How to Take Better Photos of Your Home


Selling or renting your home online? Showing bright and engaging photos of your property is a must. A great photograph will immediately catch the attention of your audience. And when they see something they like, chances are they’ll click on that image and land in your page. People who search homes online are more drawn to interesting images, than read lengthy texts. Make sure the photos you show will make them picture themselves living in it.

Here’s how you can capture excellent photos of a property:

Prepare your equipment.

better photos angles

You can never go wrong when you use a DSLR camera with ultra wide lens. It allows you to shoot a greater perspective of the house for your audience to see the bigger picture. To get the best results, go to the corners of the room to take the images. Start with the essential parts of the house including the living room, dining area, kitchen, and the bedrooms. Then, proceed to the exterior part.

Good lighting makes a big difference.

better photos good lighting

It’s always a good idea to shoot houses with natural light. Look at the ambient light and how it fills the rooms. Make a good use of light that is available in the room. If you are relying on the natural light, it is ideal to schedule an early morning or late afternoon shoot where the light is softer.

Alignment is the key.

better photos alignment

Remember the rule of thirds? Using this technique puts emphasis on what you want your audience to really see in the picture. Use your camera’s grids to align your photographs. If your hands are quite shaky, better use a tripod to stabilize your shots and make them look sharp.

Shoot to catch the attention.

better photos catch attention

Tour the house, and get its general feel. It lets you observe and see the house in different angles. This is also the time for you to plan your shots. Doing this will give you an idea where you’ll focus more so you won’t shoot randomly.

Clear away the clutters.

better photos clear clutters

Establish a focus and remove unnecessary things found in the room you are shooting. Or move furniture around. This is to create an ambiance or a set-up that will speak to your audience. The less distraction they see, the better they can appreciate a property.

Feel at home.

better photos feel at home

You are shooting the house to let the audience have a feel of the house before seeing it in person. And you know what they say about first impressions, it lasts. As a photographer, you have to convey the emotions you felt in that house. Pay attention to what makes you feel at home. You want to showcase the house as if your audience is already living there rather than just what it looks.

Take many shots in different angles.

better photos different angles

One of the advantages of using a digital camera is the unlimited shots you can take. Snap five or more in one frame. It will give you many options to choose from, and sort the ones you liked the most.

Be inspired.

better photos be inspired

Improve your photography skills by continually seeking inspiration. Browse real estate related websites and magazines. Or check out anything that covers houses, interiors, and the like. Put into practice the concepts during your shoots. You can also test how you are applying what you’ve learned by going out and snapping architectures and buildings in the metro.

All photos by Mary Whitney