Recharge at Legaspi Village’s Newly Reopened Parks


In December 2017, two of Makati’s public parks, the Washington Sycip Park and Legaspi Active Park, reopened in Legaspi Village, encouraging its residents to visit and enjoy its new and improved amenities.

The Washington Sycip Park, named after Filipino accountant and banker Washington Sycip, contains a multitude of trees, spacious gazebos, and a koi pond that lights up majestically at night. Upon entering, there are wooden benches where visitors can sit under a canopy of mahogany trees. Despite it being situated right at the heart of Legaspi Village’s business district, the Washington Sycip Park preserves a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot to relax in the neighborhood at any time of day and for anyone who wants to recharge while surrounded by nature.

Sculptures and art installations are present around the park for all to admire. A number of sculptures by Filipino artist Impy Pilapil can be found around the park, including a sungka table in one of the gazebos, a wishing stone where people can write their wishes on, and a giant urn, which pays homage to Sycip’s Chinese roots. Anyone who enters the Washington Sycip Park will instantly be drawn to The Mangrove: Nature Embrace, a colorful installation also by Pilapil, dedicated to Sycip. The installation is a magnificent tree with its mangrove roots intersecting. Scattered all around the Park as well are quotes and words of wisdom from Sycip himself.

Visitors can also visit the park’s newest feature, the Tsuruki-En or the Crane and Turtle Garden, which was unveiled in February 2017. The garden, named after the traditional Asian symbols of long life, is a celebration of the lasting friendship between the Philippines and Japan.

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Across the Washington Sycip Park is the Legaspi Active Park, with a jogging path that many residents take advantage of during weeknights and weekends since it reopened. The path is well-lit at night, which explains why the park is active even after-work hours, with many professionals flocking to the park for a quick run. Benches are also available around the park, as well as a small playground for children. The Legazpi Active Park also hosts outdoor fitness activities for families to enjoy.

The park also offers a mini amphitheater for meetups and organized activities. Taking from its name, most, if not all people come to the Active Park to play, exercise, or join activities.

For those looking to relax after a long day and wind down from the stress of the day, the Washington Sycip Park would be the ideal place to visit. However, for those looking to participate in community activities or catch a quick run after work, the Legaspi Active Park would be the best place to go.


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It’s one of Legaspi Village’s gems to have two neighboring parks at the heart of its business district. Amidst the high-rise condominiums and commercial spaces within the village, it’s a comfort for residents of Legaspi to know there are parks they can enjoy. In a city that’s famously recognized for its calm and laid-back persona, the presence of parks are celebrated.