What To Do When The Property Owner Won’t Negotiate


Buying your dream home feels like seeing everything in your life fall into their respective places. When you find the one, you are willing to offer anything just to own it. However, there are external factors that are out of your hands. When you reach your budget limit and the owner still won’t accept the offer, you can try these 3 easy steps:


  •  Consider the owner’s perspective

If you have invested a lifetime building a house and decided that it’s time to let it go, you expect to get a return that is of the same value. It is a difficult path to brave when you think that your investment is worth a specific amount of money and someone wants to buy it off for less. Think about this and consider offering a reasonable deal as this is a two-way street.


  •  Counteroffer and give the best possible deal

If this is your dream home, make it a point that you give it your best shot. If the owner refuses your first offer, know how low the owner can go then it’s time to compromise. Negotiations are more effective when both parties are willing to move their stance and agree on the most feasible deal. With that, it’s not just the owner who needs to be more considerate. Always bear in mind that this is your dream home and a dream home is usually not the cheapest thing you can get in life.


  •  Know when to stop negotiating

When you think that any offer you give will not get you anywhere near owning your dream home, then maybe it’s time for you to move on. The owner may not be prepared enough to sell it to you at your best possible price or simply not ready to sell it at all. When you feel that you have exhausted all your options and no offer is still accepted, it is best to back down and consider looking for a new dream home.


Negotiating with owners is never easy especially when they have already decided their price and is firm with it. This is a sign that you should not ignore for it may lead to a huge loss of money on your end. If you are lucky, some owners may consider your offer and actually sell you the house. All your efforts will then be worth it. Either way, you must know your limitations, what you are willing to give, and when to push it or let it go. After all, buying your own home is a huge step to make and it should not be based on haste.

On the other hand, if you still haven’t decided on which house to buy, you can check our property listings. For more info, contact us and see why you need a real estate broker.

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