4 Tips to Find the Best Location for Your Business


Successful entrepreneurs know that location is important in any type of business. Regardless of how ground-breaking products are, if it is in the middle of nowhere, it won’t prosper. There are factors to consider when finding the best location. It requires the right amount of time and consideration before you can finally pinpoint where your business belongs. While there are easy solutions to problems a start-up company can encounter, a poor choice of location is one that is difficult to fix. It is even impossible to fix as wasted time and money are already permanent. Ideally, the location should be convenient for the target market, employees, and suppliers.

Here are 4 tips to find the best location for your nature of business:

  1. Know your market

It is necessary to identify your target market. Customers are the bread and butter of your business.  Know the way they interact and transact. Come up with a demographic profile for reference. Check if your location is accessible for them. Find a place where your target market often gathers.

  1. Consider employees

Employees are the heart of every business. They are the reasons why transactions happen and in some cases, do not. They manage daily operations. They are the frontliners of your business. Value them more than your customers. Find a location that is convenient for your employees. Consider travel time and traffic. Numerous studies have proven that long commutes affect the productivity of employees. Aside from traffic, security should also be considered especially when your business starts at night. The best location is a place where peace and safety are promoted and practiced.

  1. Be within reach

Be sure that your trusted suppliers and partners are within reach. Deliveries and trades are crucial especially if you belong in the food industry. For businesses that require heavy equipment and huge machines, wide roads are essential. It is important that your office is near. However, you should also consider whether or not the place encourages convenience for delivery trucks and vans. Put yourself in the position of your prospect clients and your partners and check if it will cause hassle or not.

  1. Set aside competition

There are significant reasons why commercial business hubs like Bonifacio Global City, Makati and Ortigas are thriving. Industrial parks and shopping malls are among the best out there. Despite having multiple competitors in all directions, individual businesses there still prosper. Business districts offer choices and convenience to business owners and customers alike. Invest in a commercial space that will allow you to be out there. Be after exposure. Contrary to common notions, being neighbors with your competitors is actually helpful. In this way, you will have a front row view of the market. In the future, if you want to do a comparative analysis, you can easily access information that are abundant in the prospering CBDs.

All you have to do is understand your business from the inside out. Once you are completely familiar with the important details of your company, the location will simply present itself to you.