LazerXtreme: A Go-To Place For an Interactive and Indoor Recreation

hoppler lazerxtreme

LazerXtreme is an accessible and hip recreational place located on the 4th floor of Market! Market! in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. It offers a fun laser tag game suitable for workmates, friends, and families. Often visited by companies that conduct team buildings, friends who want to hang out after school or after work, and just about anyone who wants to have a great time, it is a go-to venue for everyone who seeks an interactive indoor game.


Laser tag is a tag game played with lasers. Every player wears an infrared-sensitive vest and uses a laser gun to tag opponents. Vests are illuminated with different colors; those that have the same color are teammates. Players should tag the lights on the vests of the opponents to gain points; every light has points. However, when a player is tagged, the gun deactivates for a set time period. The player or team that has the highest score wins the game.


LazerXtreme has state-of-the-art laser tag equipment and an arena that essentially takes players to a futuristic dimension. The arena showcases glow-in-the-dark space murals that stand out against the black maze walls and plays audio special effects to intensify the game vibe. It has ramps and is dotted with hideouts to mimic an actual battlefield. LazerXtreme uses the NexusPro Laser Packs from Australia. It makes the vests durable and light. Moreover, the NexusPro Laser Pack is capable of displaying eight different colors and beams, providing the players the flexibility to choose their own color.



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Game rates

Monday to Thursday

2 Games at ₱410.00

3 Games at ₱600.00

Friday to Sunday, Holidays

2 Games at ₱450.00

3 Games at ₱650.00

For members (Any day)

₱190.00 per game

Party packages

Package A

₱750.00 per person

2 Games + food (1 slice of pizza, pasta, hotdog, and drink)

Package B

₱950.00 per person

3 Games + food (1 slice of pizza, pasta, hotdog, and drink)

Food package for guests who will not play

₱385.00 per person

Food: pizza or sandwich, pasta, dessert, and drink

Function rooms are free for a group that consists of 10 people.



LazerXtreme can accommodate team buildings, seminars, corporate events, product launches, and other events that aim to promote sportsmanship and strengthen relationships.

For more info, you may visit the official LazerXtreme site.